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·Materials Characterization and testing

Non-destructive magnetic inspection of elastoplastic strains in metastable austenitic steels

E.S. Gorkunov, M.B. Rigmant, S.V. Gladkovsky, P.P. Matafonov, S.V. Smirnov


Materials and experimental procedures

Discussion of experimental results


  1. The formation of magnetic a ¢ -strain-induced martensite, viz. its initial precipitation and further increase in the amount, is observed within the macro-elastic region on the stress-strain curves, when the stress applied is approximately equal to the proof strength s 0.2.
  2. A substantial increase in the amount of a ¢ -phase takes place within the initial stages of deformation. As the deformation processes go further, the content of a ¢ -phase remains constant or exhibits steady growth with the strain rate.
  3. The most dramatic rise in the amount of a ¢ -strain-induced martensite in the course of mechanical loading is exhibited under localized deformation, particularly, at the point of local necking which is attributed to the change in the stress state mode resulting from the increase in tensile strain portion and intensive plastic deformation.
  4. The measurements of magnetic properties make it possible to apply non-destructive inspection methods for technical diagnostics of plastic strain in metastable austenitic steels.


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