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Development of Automatic Ultrasonic testing Method Using Super High Speed Zigzag Scanning Technique

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1. Introduction

2. Concept of high speed zigzag scanning inspection method

3. High speed zigzag scan ultrasonic inspection system

4. Experimental results

5. Conclusions

  1. The high speed zigzag scanning ultrasonic inspection system which used 32ch array probes was developed for the girth weld inspection of the gas pipe line of 762mm in diameter.
  2. The developed probe has curved transducer elements bonded to a curved wedge which make the probe scanning smooth with stable acoustic coupling with the pipe.
  3. By using combinations of electrical scans in the circumferential direction made by the array probe and mechanical scans in the circumferential direction by the light weight scanner, the system inspects the whole volume of weld within two minutes. The inspection speed is 10 times faster than that with the conventional probe system.
  4. The beam patterns and flaw evaluations of the array probe were almost same as those of the conventional probe.



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