·Table of Contents
·Materials Characterization and testing

Mechanism of Scattering of Ultrasonic Waves at Passing Very Fine Pearlitic Steel

Bernard Kopec
Iron Works and Wiremills /ZDB a.s./, Dept. of Quality Assurance,
735 93 Bohumín, CZECH Republic

Techniques and results


Mechanism of scattering of ultrasonic waves at passing very fine pearlitic steel



  1. Kopec, B. Characterization of very fine pearlitic structure using ultrasonic attenuation technique. In Proc Ultrasonics Inter 87 London, Kensington Town Hall (1987) 383 - 358.
  2. Papadakis, E.P. Revised grain - scattering formulae and tables. J Acoust Soc Am (1965) 37 703 - 710.

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