·Table of Contents
·Methods and Instrumentation

Equipment Condition Monitoring using TOFD. - Experiences at DSM

A.A.A. Scheerder
DSM Engineering Stamicarbon
P.O. Box 18, 6160 MD Geleen The Netherlands


1. Introduction.

2. Time of Flight Diffraction compared to other NDT techniques.

3. Periodic non-intrusive condition monitoring of thick walled nozzle welds.

4. Periodic testing of propane spheres.

5. Condition monitoring of PVC reactors

6. Discussion.

7. literature

  1. Selection of NDT for FFP, Fitness for Purpose Phase 2, Final Report for study 1, document nr. FF 96-35 Dutch Joint industry project: Fitness for Purpose, 1996 Bouma T., Dijkstra F.H., Liefting G., Stelwagen U.
  2. Acoustic Emission Detectability of Fatigue Cracks in High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate During Quasi Static Loading. Proceedings of the 12th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 23-28, 1989. Pp 484 -489 A.A.A. Scheerder, E.A. Sluyter, J. Boogaard, H. van den Hooff.
  3. Feasibility Studies of AE Testing of Storage Vessels at DSM Proceedings of the EWGAE -Symposium, Leuven Belgium, April 27-30 1992 A.A.A. Scheerder.

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