·Table of Contents
·Methods and Instrumentation

The Non-destructive Evaluation Method for Far-side Corrosive Type Flaws in Steel Plates Using Magnetic Flux Leakage Technique

Kazuyoshi Sekine
Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University
Tokiwadai 79-5, Hodogayaku, Yokohama, JAPAN
Naoya Kasai
Graduate Student of Yokohama National University;
Tokiwadai 79-5, Hodogayaku, Yokohama, JAPAN
Hiroaki Maruyama
Japan National Oil Corporation;
Uchisaiwaicho 2-2-2, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, JAPAN



I. Introduction

II. Specimens preparation and experimental procedure

III. Experimental results

IV. Analytical expressions for far-side magnetic leakage fields and its suitability for the application to flaw sizing



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