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New Test Method for Concrete Resistance on Abrasive Erosion

Elżbieta Horszczaruk , Włodzimierz Kiernożycki
Technical University of Szczecin


2. Simulation of abrasive wear of concrete in laboratory conditions

3. Program and methodology of scientific research

4. Results of the research

5. Numerical model

6. Conclusions

  1. The innovative and unique achievement of this research work is revealed in the presented methodology of testing of concrete abrasion with the mixture of aggregate and water, simulating natural mechanisms typical for the environment. Providing the testing device with a system recording forces of rubble influence on the abraded concrete allows to describe quantitatively the current interactions and carry out a scientific analysis of the observed cause-effect relationships.
  2. The results of the laboratory tests show that the mass decrements of concretes made of the mixture consisted of settled, constant composition can be expressed in the function of the abrasive mixture work and the material parameter dependent on its composition and independent of the intensity of the environmental influence. The above results create perspectives of forecasting durability of hydraulic concrete structures exposed to abrasive erosion according to material conditions and hydraulic conditions of rubble movement.


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