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Neutron fluence effects on the magnetic parameter changes in SA508 Cl.3 forging and weld

K.O. Chang, S.H. Chi, B.C. Kim, S.L. Lee and C.M. Sim
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
P.O. BOX 105, Yusong, Taejon 305-600, Korea


I. Introduction

II. Experiment

III. Results and Discussion

Fig 3a: Fig 3b:
Fig 3: Change of Barkhausen wave forms for unirradiated and irradiated forging and weld metals for two fluence levels
(2.2 x 1019 ncm-2, 3.8 x 1019 ncm-2, E³ 1 MeV)

III. 2 Fluence effects on the changes in the magnetic parameters with yield strength

IV. Conclusion:



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