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Thermal effects influence upon penetrant testing sensitivity

N.P.Migoun, P.P.Prokhorenko, A.B.Gnusin
Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus


1. Stage of penetrant application.

2. Stage of developer application


  1. Using a pre-heating of testing parts to temperatures exceeding the initial ones by 20-40°C it is possible to reduce a duration of penetration and in some cases to increase sensitivity of a method.
  2. Two kinds of thermal effect (both at the stage of penetrant application and further heating of inspected parts during a development process) result in reaching the optimal results in terms of sensitivity threshold and duration of penetration stage.
  3. The described ways of increasing sensitivity are simple for realisation, they do not take of essential additional equipment and can be easily used for any penetrant testing procedures.


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