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·Methods and Instrumentation

PC Controlled Automatic Systems for Thickness Gauging with Ultrasound

Author: Klaus Volkmann, KRAUTKRÄMER GmbH & Co. oHG, D - Hürth
Co-Author: Siegmar Schulz, KRAUTKRÄMER GmbH & Co. oHG, D - Hürth

1. On line multichannel measurement of the geometry of extruded plastic pipes and profiles

2. Thickness and maturing of blow moulded parts in the mould

3. Oscillating scarf control

4. Control of the flow curing of thermosets

5. Process control in GAIM "Gas Assisted Injection Moulding" and WAIM "Water Assisted Injection Moulding"

6. Velocity measurement for control of nodularity in sphero graphite casts

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