·Table of Contents
·Workshop - Visual testing

European Standard for Visual Testing-General Principles Paper

Macro C H Rolls-Royce Plc. Naval Marine - United Kingdom



1. Introduction

2. The extent of the Standard

4. The current status of
  • General Principles
  • Equipment
  • Terminology

3. The structure of the Standard

5. Review of the Sections of the General Principles Standard

6. Implementing the standard

7. Summary


  1. pr EN 13018 Non-Destructive Testing- General Principles- Visual Testing.
  2. pr EN 13927 Non-Destructive Testing- Visual Testing Equipment.
  3. pr EN 1330-10 Non-Destructive Testing- Terminology- Terms used in Visual Testing.
  4. WCNDT conference paper IDN299 Introduction to different equipment used in Visual testing
  5. pr EN 1330-1 Non-Destructive Testing- Terminology- List of General Terms.
  6. EN 970 Non-Destructive Examination of Fusion Welds- Visual Examination
  7. EN 473 Qualification and certification of NDT Personnel - General Principles
  8. ENISO 8596 Ophthalmic Optics- Visual Acuity Testing- Standard Optotype and its presentation

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