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·Workshop - Visual testing

Introduction to the different equipment used in visual testing

Anne-Marie ROY-Electricitéde France-F
TimArmitt, LavenderInternational NDT-Ltd-UK & José Ramon Gadea Porriños, Tecnatom SA-S



Why this standard ?

How to determine your appropriate class of visual testing ?

Equipment choice



  1. pr EN 13018 Non-Destructive Testing - General Principles- Visual Testing.
  2. pr EN 13927 Non-Destructive Testing - Visual Testing Equipment.
  3. pr EN 1330-10 Non-Destructive Testing - Terminology - Terms used in Visual Testing.
  4. WCNDT conference paper IDN276 - European standard for Visual testing - General principles
  5. WCNDT conference paper IDN006 - The requirement for training of visual test personnel
  6. WCNDT conference paper IDN300 - Verification of the resolution capability for equipment used in visual testing
  7. EN 1330-1 Non-Destructive Testing - Terminology - List of General Terms.
  8. EN 1330-2 Non-Destructive Testing - Terminology - Terms common to the non destructive testing methods.
  9. EN 970 Non-Destructive Examination of Fusion Welds - Visual Examination
  10. EN 473 Qualification and certification of NDT Personnel - General Principles
  11. ISO 3057 Metallographic replica techniques of surface examination
  12. ISO 3058 Aids to visual inspection - Selection of low-power magnifiers
  13. Heidenhain resolution targets

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