·Table of Contents
·Methods and Instrumentation

Mechanized Inspection of Girth Welds using Ultrasonic Phased Arrays

Noël Dubé
R/D Tech Québec, Canada
Michael Moles
R/D Tech Toronto, Canada
Malcolm Russell
MR Consulting, Nottingham, UK
Ed Ginzel
Materials Research Institute, Waterloo, Canada

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Ultrasonic Girth-Weld Inspections

3.0 Codes

4.0 Ultrasonic Phased Arrays

5.0 Typical Phased-Array, Girth-Weld Inspection System

6.0 Results Using Phased Arrays

7.0 Special Phased-Array Inspection Techniques

8.0 Conclusions


9.0 References

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