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·Terrestrial and Marine Transportation

NDI on Bonded Sandwich Structures with Foam Cores and Stiff Skins - Shearography the Answer?

By Joakim Andersson and Barend van den Bos
CSM Materialteknik AB
P.O Box 1340 Sweden
E-mail: joakim.andersson@csm.se

1) Summary

2) Background

3) Purpose

4) Test samples

5) Investigation and results

6) Conclusions

7) Future prospects/ideas

8) References

  1. I J Munns and G A Georgiou
    Non-destructive testing methods for adhesively bonded joint inspection - a review (Insight vol. 37 No12 p. 941-951)
  2. S C J Parker and P L Salter
    A novel shearography system for aerospace non-destructive testing (Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol 213 Part G)

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