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Instruments and Means for Reinforced Concrete Structures Inspection

A.V. Kovalev, A.A. Samokrutov, V.G. Shevaldykin, V.N. Kozlov, I.Yu. Pushkina
S. Hubbard
(JME Ltd., UK)



The NDT methods

Instruments technical parameters and some examples of there practical use


  1. UT methods give a chance to solve the problems of concrete and reinforced concrete inspection.z
  2. At present in Russia has developed and produced a variety of US means for concrete inspection, in this instruments the technology of dry acoustic contact (DPAC) is used. This technology does not have analogs in the world practice. It provides inspection of construction structure as in the case of one side access and in through sounding.
  3. The work to further improve the existing developments and the development of the methodic recommendations for the use of instruments are ongoing.
  4. MSIA "Spectrum" and company "JME Ltd." combined there efforts to realize gained scientific and practical experience of each party to introduce new products at the European market and to other countries of the world.
  5. The obtained practical results and reports from customers in Russia and potential customers abroad make this area of activity very promising. The final results will increase the probability of safe use of potentially dangerous technogenic objects from concrete and will decrease the potential threat to life of people living near such objects.


  1. V.N. Kozlov and others, 'Thickness measurements and flaw detection in concrete using ultrasonic echo-method'. Nondestructive Testing Evaluation, 1997, Vol. 13, pp. 73-84.

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