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Calculations of Radiation Field of Phased Array Transducers Using Boundary Diffraction Wave Model

Sung-Jin Song, Hyeon Jae Shin, You Hyun Jang
School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety and Structural Integrity Research Center
Sungkyunkwan University
300 Chunchun-dong, Changan-gu,
Suwon, 440-746
Republic of Korea



Boundary Diffraction Wave Model


Fig 4: Radiation fields from the array transducer when the beam is focused at (a) infinity without steering, (b) F2, (c) F5, and (d) F10 by electronic delay time.

Fig 8: The variation of (a) lateral size of focal point and (b) amplitude with frequency when the beam is focused at F3. (c) The predicted transient waveform at F2 by simulation.

Concluding Remarks



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