·Table of Contents
·Methods and Instrumentation

Woodworking Process Control using IR Camera and Pyrometer

H. Madura, Z. Sikorski, H. Polakowski, M. Kastek
Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology,
2 Kaliskiego St. 00-908 Warsaw, Poland,
fax. (+48 22) 6668950,
e-mail: hpolakow@wat.waw.pl
W. Sokolowski
Wood Technology Faculty, Warsaw Agricultural University,
26/30 Rakowiecka St. 02-528 Warsaw, Poland


1. Introduction

2. Measurements of temperature changes using IR camera

3. Temperature measurement using pyrometer

4. Conclusions


  1. M. Kastek, H. Madura, H. Polakowski, W. Sokolowski, "IR camera and pyrometer used for woodworking control," Quantitave Infrared Thermography 4, Lódz, Poland, September 7-10, 1998, pp. 195-199.
  2. W. Sokolowski, P. Gogolewski, "Temperature of machined surface as a value for tool condition monitoring during wood products milling," 14th International Wood Machining Seminar, September 12-19, 1999. Paris, Epinal, Cluny - France. Proceedings - Volume 2, pp. 775 - 780.

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