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·Computer Processing and Simulation

An Interactive CAD Environment for Ultrasonic Evaluation of Welded Joints

Fairouz Bettayeb, Amar Benchaala
Scientific Research Center on Welding And Non Destructive Testing,
C.S.C, Route de Dely Brahim, BP: 64, Chéraga, Algiers.
Tel/fax: (213-2) 361850.Email: bettayeb@excite.com, f_bettayeb@email.com
Mohammed Kassel, Karim Hamzi
University of Science and Technology USTHB, BP:32, El Alia, Algiers.


1. Introduction

2. Ultrasonic waves characteristics

3. Basic ultrasonic inspection methods

4. General algorithm

  1. After performing FFT on the A-scan data, frequency domain feature analysis is done.
  2. The domain is scattered into a number of finite elements.
  3. The displacement values interior the element are expressed in terms of their nodal values.
  4. The nodal values are determined by minimizing the potential energy.
  5. A system of matrix equations of second order in time is then obtained:

5. Usndt2000: a procedure for ultrasonic inspection modeling.

6. Conclusion


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