·Table of Contents
·Methods and Instrumentation

Threshold Independent AE Testing

Hartmut Vallen, Jens Forker,
Vallen-Systeme GmbH, Icking (Munich) Germany,
Tel. +49-8178-9674-400, Fax -444, Email: hartmut@vallen.de
Jürgen von Stebut
Ecole des Mines, Lab. de Science et Genie des Surfaces, Nancy, France,
Tel. +33-383-584245, Email: stebut@mines.u-nancy.fr

1. Abstract

2. Introduction -- Burst and Continuous Signals

3. Problems from the Influence of Threshold on Measurements

4. Scratch Tester Application Example

5. Block Diagram and Practical Information

Fig 5: ASCO-P with removed cover

6. ASCO-P and AMSY4

7. Further Developments

8. Conclusion

9. Acknowledgements

10. References

  1. J. von Stebut, F.Lapostelle, M. Bucsa, H. Vallen,
    Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Single Cracking Events and Associated Damage Mechanism Analysis in Indentation and Scratch Testing.
    Surface and Coatings Technology 116-119 (1999),160

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