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Compatibility assessment of building materials using Infrared Thermography

A. Moropoulou, N.P. Avdelidis, M. Koui
National Technical University of Athens, Department of Chemical Engineering, Section of Materials Science and Engineering,
9 Iroon Polytechniou St., Zografou 15780, Athens, Greece



Experimental Procedure: Materials & Techniques

Sample Description of the Samples
CS1 Cement Mortar: C/S 1:3
HLS1 Hydraulic Lime Mortar: HL/S 1:3
LS1 Lime Mortar: L/S 1:2
ST1 Porous Stone
SP1 Masonry Prototype: porous stone (ST1) & cement mortar (CS1)
SP2 Masonry Prototype: porous stone (ST1) & hydraulic lime mortar (HLS1)
SP3 Masonry Prototype: porous stone (ST1) & lime mortar (LS1)
Table 1 :

Results & Discussion



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