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The Ultrasonic Testing System application at the Russian NPP with the Coerent Data Treatment 'AUGUR'

V.G. Badalyan, A. K. Vopilkine
Scientific and production center "Echo+", Russia, 123183, Kurchatov-place, 1. Tel. (095) 196-7119, Fax (095) 9357390.
E-mail : echo.ndt@g23.relcom.ru. Web : www.echoplus.ru.

I. Introduction

II. The idea of the weld quality analysis

III. The apparatus realization of the proposed idea.

IV. The practical realization of the proposed idea.

V. Conclusions

  1. The new approach to the determination of the important weld quality by the complex investigation including the strength calculation was described and used very widely at the Russian NPP. It allowed to reduce considerably the weld repair volume and raise of their exploitation security because the grounded knowledge of the measure of their danger.
  2. The Augur-systems, realized this idea, were approved, legitimated at the NPP and used very widely in the repair work periods.
  3. The Augur-system use is allowed to minimize the imperfections, inherent in manual testing, to ensure 100% testing volume, to document the results, to reduce considerably (in 10 times) the doses of the radiation for the staff.
  4. The Augur-system use is allowed too to accomplish the monitoring, i.e. to look for the defect development during the exploitation and to prepare the weld repair according to the plan.


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