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·Methods and Instrumentation

ISO 3999 (2000) - Radiation Protection Apparatus for Industrial Gamma Radiography in Transition to the 3rd Millennium

Authors :
Camille Laduron, MDS Nordion Industrial Radiography, Operations Director
Vincent Vander Bracht, MDS Nordion Industrial Radiography, Area Sales Manager
Véronique Meurisse, MDS Nordion Industrial Radiography, Regulatory Affairs
Co-authors :
Rudiger Grimm, MDS Nordion Haan GmnH, Managing Director
Karl Weinlich, MDS Nordion Haan GmbH, Development Management Mechanics


Destructive Testing of the Projector

Endurance Testing of the Projector and Components

Destructive Testing of the Source Guide Accessories

Positive Source Detection and Indication - Source Locking System Testing

Surface Radiation Levels Measurements

Radioactive Sealed Sources


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