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The Discussion & Research of the Standardizing of the NDT Personnel Qualification Examination Test Samples

ShangYuan Dong
(Instituty of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection of HuBei Province of China)
No.182 Xudong Road,Wuhan,Hubei,China
Tel/Fax: 00-86-027-86780168


0. Preface

1. Technical requirements of standard test samples

2 Development of standard test sample

3. Conclusion


  1. ISO 9712: " Non -destructive Testing Qualification and Certification of Personnel", 1992;
  2. GB9445 of China: "Rules for Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel";
  3. Ministry of Labour of China:
    "Regulation of Nondestructive Testing Personnel Qualification Evaluation Examination of Boiler & Pressure Vessel", 1993.

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