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FRP Plating Inspection on static conasolidation of buildings by Infrared Video Thermography and Low frequency (microseismic) ultrasound

Patrizia Desiderio
ingegnere, D.IN.E. Dipartimento di Ingegneria Edile, Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" Piazzale Tecchio,
80 80125 Napoli, ITALY. Tel. 0817682141,
E-mail: pdesider@cds.unina.it
Massimo Prencipe
ingegnere, COPROMA SUD C.N.D., Via Risorgimento,
10 80026 Casoria Napoli ITALY. Tel. 081/7312686
E-mail: coproma@mail.crown-net.com


Tests aims

Use of frp in buildings strengthing

Making samples and their analysis

Videothermography - Test methodology

Study Results

Tridimensional images

Quantitative evalutation of disbonding area

Thermic profile

Low Frequency ultrasounds

Tests aims

Ultrasound test results



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