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·Workshop - Neutron workshop

Status and Prospects of neutron Tomography in Europe

E. H. Lehmann[CH-5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland], P. Vontobel, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
B. Schillinger, T. Bücherl, Technical University Munich, Germany
S. Baechler, J. Jolie, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
W. Treimer, Hahn Meitner Institut and University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany
R. Rosa, ENEA Roma, P. Chirco, University of Bologna, Italy
G. Bayon, S. Legoupil, CEA Saclay, France
S. Körner, H. Böck, Atominstitut Vienna, Austria
V. Micherov, Lebedev Physics Institute Moscov, Russia
M. Balasko, A. Kuba, KFKI Buadapest, Hungary



1. Introduction

2. Tomography with neutrons - boundary conditions and solutions

3. Tomography facilities in European COST-524 countries

4. Results of investigations by neutron tomography

5. Main tasks of the Working Group

6. Prospects for neutron tomography

7. Summary


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