15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Aeronautics and Aerospace
Condition Monitoring Diagnosis Method of Aircraft Engine Rotating DetailsN.I. Bouraou - National Technical University of Ukraine 'Ukraine; P.I. Marchuk, A.N. Tyapchenko - National Technical University of Ukraine 'Ukraine
Another Step Towards Rapid UT Inspection of Complex Composite Aircraft ComponentsS. Gripp - Nukem Nutronik GmbH 'Germany; M. Turconi - Aermacchi Varese 'Italy
Neutron radiography of Aircraft composite Flight control SurfacesW.J. Lewis - Royal Military College of Canada 'Canada; L.G.I. Bennett, T.R. Chalovich, O. Fracescone - Royal Military College of Canada Kingstone 'Canada
Automated high integrity ultrasonic examination of composite rocket motor casesA.C. Whittle - Roll-Royce Marine Power 'United Kingdom; A. Whittle-Peak NDT Ltd. 'UK; S. Bruni-SE.CO.SV.IM; A. Gatta-Fiat Avio 'Italy
A new approach to the inspection of Bonding Quality of Composites of Aircraft Radome and EmpennageR.S. Geng - Beijing Aeronautical Technology Research Centre 'P. R. China
Non-Contact Ultrasonic Testing of Aircraft Lap JointsD. Cerniglia - John Hopkins University 'USA; K.Y.Jhang - School of Mechanical Eng. Hanyang University Seoul 'Korea; B.B. Djordjevic - John Hopkins University, Baltimore 'USA
Advances in Structural Integrity Evaluation and Residual Strength Prediction of Pressure Vessels using Acoustic Emission TechniqueT. Chelladurai - Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India; A.S. Sankaranarayanan, K.K. Purushothaman-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India
NDE of Flight Hardware Exported to Aircraft Manufacturers in Europe and USA - an appraisal from Indian Aircraft ManufacturerP. Vijayaraghavan - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, 'India; B. Chatterjee - Hindustan Aeronautics 'India
Characterisation of defects in Large Solid propellant Rocket MotorsK. Venkata Rao - SPROB / SHAR Centre 'India; B.Munirathinam, C.Subbiah, P.V. Sai Suryanarayana, K. Viswanathan - SPROB / SHAR Centre 'India
Real Time Digital Tomosynthesis System Dedicated to Industrial Solid Rocket Motor ExaminationM. Antonakios - LETI (CEA - Technologies Avancées) 'France; Ph. Rizo-LETI (CEA - Technologies Avancées) Grenoble; P. Lamarque-SNPE Propulsion Saint Médard en Jalles 'France
Detection of defect on Aircraft Multi-layered Structure by Eddy Current techniqueM.U. Khan - Biman Bangladesh Airlines 'Bangladesh
Lossless compression of radiographic non-destructive testing images by region-based and entropy-optimal predictive codingLik-Kwan Shark - University of Central Lancashire 'United Kingdom; Xin Yu Lin, M.R. Varley, B. J. Matuszewski - University of Central Lancashire; J. P. Smith - BAE Systems 'U.K.
Automatic estimation of ultrasonic attenuation for porosity evaluation in composite materialsLik-Kwan Shark - University of Central Lancashire 'United Kingdom; C.Yu - University of Central Lancashire; J. P. Smith - BAE System 'U.K.
Automatic mosaicing with error equalisation of non-destructive testing images for aerospace industry inspectionB.J. Matuszewski - University of Central Lancashire 'United Kingdom; J.P. Smith - BAE System; Lik-Kwan Shark, Martin R. Varley - University of Central Lancashire 'UK
Region-based wavelet fusion of ultrasonic, radiographic and shearographyc non-destructive testing imagesB.J. Matuszewski - University of Central Lancashire 'United Kingdom; Lik-Kwan Shark, Martin R. Varley - University of Central Lancashire; J. Smith - BAE System 'UK
NDT Approach and multi-sensors tools for the Inspection of aeronautic WeldsG. Ithurralde - Aerospatiale Matra CCR 'France; D.Simonet, J.P. Choffy, L. Bernard - Aerospatiale Matra CCR 'France
Non destructive testing in space environmentD. Simonet - Aerospatiale Matra CCR 'France; G. Ithurralde, J.P. Choffy - Aerospatiale Matra CCR; J.P. Bonnafé - Aerospatiale Matra Lanceurs 'France
Contribution of Modelling Tools to aeronautics NDTO. Petillon - Aerospatiale Matra CCR 'France
Laser Ultrasonics: From the Lab to the IndustryH. Voillaume - Aerospatiale Matra CCR 'France; O. Petillon, J.-P. Dupuis -Aerospatiale Matra CCR; P.Padoy, H.Tretout-Dassault Aviation; 'France
Inspection of aerospace structures with ultrasound lock-in-ThermographyG. Busse - IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany; Th. Zweschper, A. Dillenz, K. Breitruck-IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany
 Complex acoustic testing of multilayer large-sized non-metallic articlesA.V. Mozgovoy - Dniepropetrovsk State University 'Ukraine
NDE Methodologies for Examination of Tail Rotor Blades of HelicoptersB. Venkatraman - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India; T. Jayakumar, P. Kalyanasundaram, B. Raj - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
Ultrasonic Inspection of Aerospace Parts: The Challenge of Working on the 3D WorldJ. Ortega - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; A.Tanarro, E.Cabrera, M. Borras, J.Aldea-Tecnatom S.A. Madrid 'Spain
Automatic Scanning with Multi-frequency Eddy Current on Multilayered StructuresB. van den Bos - CSM Materialteknik AB 'Sweden; S. Sahlén, J. Andersson - CSM Materialteknik 'Sweden
Corrosion Damage Control Testing of Load-Bearing Aircraft GlidersV. Shaternikov - Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering & Computer Science 'Russia; A.Maximov, P.Shkatov, Y.Mikolaitchoock - MSAIECS (Moscow) 'Russia; F.Shur - Lufthansa (Hamburg) 'Germany
The PC-Based videodefectoscopic system DX 3 SCH for the inspection of honeycomb panels in aircraft turbinesM. Filinov - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; V. Filinov, A. Ketkovitch, V. Maklashevsky - MSIA Spectrum; N. Averin - Intourbank Moscow 'Russia
Ultrasound Phased Array Inspection Technology for the Evaluation of Friction Stir WeldsA. Lamarre - R/D Tech 'Canada; M. Moles-R/D TECH 'Canada
Eddy Current Array Probes for Aircraft ApplicationsR. Leclerc - R/D Tech 'Canada; R.Samson-R/D TECH Québec 'Canada
 Implementations of Advanced Technology (UT-Phased Array and ET Low Multi-Frequency) for the Inspection of boosters and Satellite Tanks of Ariane 5 RocketsG. Engl - Siemens KWU AG 'Germany; L. Panzer-MAN Technology, Ausburg; R. Becker-IzfP Saarbruchen; F. Mohr-Siemens KWU 'Germany
Combined NDT Inspection Techniques for Corrosion Detection of Aircraft StructuresM. Brassard - Tektrend International Inc. 'Canada; A. Chahbaz, A. Pelletier-Tektrend International Inc., Montreal; D.Forsyth-Structures, Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada Ottawa 'Canada
Development and Application of a Software for Studying the Interaction of Sound Pulse with Defects and Checking the Performance of Signal Analysis ToolsV.K. Ravindran - Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India; B.C.Bhaumik-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India
 Residual Stress Estimation Using Ultrasonic Non Destructive Evaluation MethodP. Revindran - Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India; B.C.Bhaumik-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre 'India
A Maintenance Information / Management System Applied to Production Automated Eddy Current Inspection Systems at Various LocationsC. Pairazaman - Veridian Engineering 'USA; S.Keller-U S Air Force/Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City; J. Earnest, J. Wiegmann, W.Martin, Veridian Engineering Oklahoma City 'USA
A Third Generation Robotic Eddy Current System for the Inspection of gas Turbine Engine ComponentsC. Pairazaman - Veridian Engineering 'USA; S. Keller, C. Buynak-US Air Force/Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City 'USA
Bond Testing and Mapping System for Concorde's Flying SurfacesK. Mclaughlin - Advanced NDT Instruments 'United Kingdom; R. Palmer-British Airways,UK; V. Moshkovich, A. Passi, G. Passi-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
NDT Techniques for the Evaluation of Impact Damage on Aeronautical StructuresR. Capriotti - Aeronautica Militare Italiana 'Italy; E. Dati, P. Silvestri, G. Trivisonno-Aeronautica Militare Italiana CSV Rep. Chimico; E. Grinzato, S. Marinetti, S. Dal Toè, P.G. Bison-CNR-ITEF, Corso Stati Uniti 4, Padova 'Italy
Laser-Shearography for Nondestructive Testing of Large Area Composite Helicopter StructuresR. Pezzoni - AGUSTA, LTS, Unità Centrale CND 'Italy; R. Krupka-Dr. Ettemeyer GmbH, Neu-Ulm 'Germany
 Inspection of Welded Joint by Tig Technology and Key-Hole Plasma of Al 2219T851H. Gac - R/D Tech 'France; U. Piazza, A. Camassa, W. Capitani-Alenia Spazio 'Italy
Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures with Acoustic Emission and Acousto-UltrasonicsR. Finlayson - Physical Acoustics Corporation 'USA; Phil T.Cole-Physical Acoustics Ltd. 'UK; J.C. Lenain-Euro Physical Acoustics 'France
Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) System Is Triple AT. Adair - Pratt & Whitney Support Equipment Operations 'USA; David H.Wehener-USAF Aeronautical System Center ASC/SMD; M.G.Kindrew-Engineering & Inspections Unlimited; H.J.Winter-Tech. Consultant Pratt&Whitney Large Military Engines Florida; B.MacCracken-Tech. Consultant Pratt & Whitney - Large Commercial Engines Connecticut 'USA
 Multi Frequency Eddy Current Method for Multilayer Corrosion Detection and CharacterizationB.Lebrun - Logisonic 'France; D.Peigney, J.Chastel-EETCND-65600 (French AirForce) 'France
 Blending Borescope Inspection Maintenance Service Equates to Cost SavingsT. Adair - Pratt & Whitney Support Equipment Operations 'USA; J.Owens, R.C.Grant-Large Commercial Engines, Connecticut; G.Grady, Herbert I. Winter-Large Military Engines, Florida - Pratt & Whitney 'USA

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