15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Conservation and Restoration in Art and Architecture
Microbiological testing of Polymers and resins used in conservation of Linen TextilesO. Abdel-Kareem - Cracow University of Economics 'Poland
An Evaluation of selected applied polymers for the treatment of parchmentG. Abdel-Maksoud - Akademia Ekonomiczna W Krakowia, Wydzial Towaroznawstwa, Katedra Towaroznawstwa Przemyslowego 'Poland
Monitoring of Fissures on Construction of Saint Duje Cathedral in Split, CroatiaT.R. Bonacci - Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Split 'Croatia; G.Niksiæ - State Dept. for protection of cultural and natural heritage 'Croatia; D.Almesberger - SER.CO.TEC.S.r.l. 'Italy; P.Miscevic - Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Split 'Croatia
Use of Computed Radiology During the Archaeological Conservation of LaSalle's Ship - The belleS. Kleven - Alloyweld Inspection Company, Inc. 'USA
Investigation of Historical Glasses Using Natural Born RadioactivityM. Schiekel - Technical University of Dresden 'Germany; G.Haase - Museum of Decorated Arts Dresden-Pillnitz; A.Meister, M.Seibitz - Technical University of Dresden 'Germany
The application of Raman Spectroscopy for the Non-destructive Analysis of Art ObjectsP. Vandenabeele - University of Ghent 'Belgium; Luc Moens - University of Ghent 'Belgium
Identification and Classification of Natural Organic Binding Media and Varnishes by Micro-Raman SpectroscopyP. Vandenabeele - University of Ghent 'Belgium; L. Moens, M.De Reu, G.Van Hooydonk - Ghent University 'Belgium; H.Edwards-University of Bradford 'UK
Characterisation of the State of compression of Pietra D'Istria elements by Non Destructive Ultrasonic TechniqueR. Geometrante - Università di Trieste 'Italy; D.Almesberger - SER.CO.TEC; A. Rizzo - Univ. Trieste 'Italy
Determining the origin of the tray for wine and waterZ. Schauperl - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Archittecture 'Croatia; S. Mahovic, B. Runje - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Archittecture, University of Zagreb 'Croatia
 Characterization of Internal Water Content in Brick Work by Subsurface Radar for Preservation of Ancient FrescosA. Boryssenko - Duke University 'USA; O. Boryssenko, A. Lishchenko, V. Prokhorenko - Research Company Diascarb 'Russia
Compton Scattering Elemental Imaging of a Deep Layer Performed with the Principal Component AnalysisA. Tartari - Università di Ferrara 'Italy; G. Maino - ENEA, Bologna; E. Lodi, C. Bonifazzi - Università di Ferrara 'Italy
Investigation of Small Egyptian Mummies by 3D Computed TomographyM. Rossi - University of Bologna and I.N.F.N. 'Italy; F.Casali, D. Romani - University of Bologna and I.N.F.N.; D. Picchi-Archaeological Museum of Bologna 'Italy
An Experimental X-Ray Digital Detector for Investigation of PaintingsM. Rossi - University of Bologna and I.N.F.N. 'Italy; F.Casali, A. Bacchilega, D. Romani - University of Bologna and I.N.F.N. 'Italy
Ultrasonic methodology in in-situ investigation of historical masonries: a theoretical-experimental experienceG. Ferrari - ICITE CNR 'Italy; A. Morotti - Controls S.r.l. (MI) 'Italy
FTIR techniques applied to iron gall inked damaged paperC. Remazeilles - University of La Rochelle, LEMMA 'France; V.Quillet, J.Bernard-University of La Rochelle LEMMA 'France
Marble monuments examination using the NDT method of ultrasoundsI. Prassianakis - National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) 'Greece; I. Vardoulakis, S. Kourkoulis-NTUA 'Greece
Building Archaeology: A Non-Destructive ArchaeologyA. Boato - University of Genoa 'Italy; D. Pittaluga, D.S.A., Dept. of Sciences for Architecture, University of Genova 'Italy
Non-Destructive Tests for Knowledge and Intervention on Ancient Monuments. The Works of the 'School of Specialisation in Building Restoration' of GenoaS.F. Musso - University of Genoa 'Italy; D. Pittaluga, D.S.A., Dept. of Sciences for Architecture, University of Genova 'Italy
 Neutron - Induced Autoradiography in the Study of Oil Paintings by Tintoretto, Marieschi and BellottoE. Panczyk - Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology 'Poland; M. Ligeza-Academy of Fine Arts; K. Pytel-Institute of Atomic Energy; A. Kalicki, L. Rowiñska, B. Sartowska, L. Walis - Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology 'Poland
Analysis of Moisture for the Preservation of Frescoes at Malpaga CastleE. Rosina - Politecnico di Milano 'Italy; G. Roche-libero professionista Bergamo 'Italy
Importance of Measuring Approach in Measurements Performed During the Restoration and Conservation WorksD. Krstic' - Croatian Institute for Restoration 'Croatia; V. Mudronja-Faculty of Eng. And Navl Architecture; F.Meder-Croation Institute for Restoration 'Croatia
Anamnesis and Diagnosis of Columns and Capitals of 'Nostra Signora Delle Grazie' Sanctuary in Imperia (Italy) and Quality Control of their Consolidation by Ultrasonic InstrumentsG. Bellezza - Soprintendenza per i beni Ambientali e Architettonici della Liguria 'Italy; L.Pittarello-Soprintendenza per i beni Ambientali e Architettonici della Liguria; D.Almesberger-SER.CO.TEC.s.r.l. Trieste; R.Geometrante-Università degli Studi di Trieste 'Italy
Non Destructive Investigations for the Safeguard of the Tower of the Orologio, in San Marco Square in VeniceR. Geometrante - Università degli Studi di Trieste 'Italy; D.Almesberger-SER.Co.TEC. S.r.l.; A.Rizzo-Dip. Ing. Civile, S. Meriani-Dip. Ing. Dei Materiali e Chimica Applicata, Università degli Studi di Trieste 'Italy
Wax Analysis in conservation objects by solubility studies, FTIR and DSCU. Knuutinen - EVTEK Institute of Arts and Design 'Finland; A.Norrman-Evitech Institute of Technology 'Finland
Chemical Analysis and Metallographic Examination of an 18th Century TriptychM. Belc - University 'OVIDIUS' 'Romania; D. Ionescu - National Museum of history and Archaeology of Costanta 'Romania
 Analysis and Treatment of Painting with a Video-Microscopy SystemC. Oprea - University 'OVIDIUS' 'Romania
A reliable Inspection procedure of existing Timber structures: the case of Guarini's Towers roofs - Racconigi Castle (Italy)M. Mannucci - Legnodoc S.n.c. 'Italy; M. Lauriola, M. Moschi - Legnodoc S.n.c.; N. Macchioni - Istituto per la Ricerca sul Legno CNR 'Italy
Correlation between ultrasonic measurements and mechanical testings: a methodology applied to D'Amico Palace of MilazzoV.A.M. Luprano - Pastis - CNRSM 'Italy; G. Montagna-Pastis/CNRSM; F. Montagna-ISCON-CNR Lecce; G. Massacci, A. Giardina, A. Rotella-Jesi (Ancona) 'Italy
Towards the Creation of generalised Computational Models for the Characterisation of inks used in Byzantine ManuscriptsV. Kokla - Technological Educational Institution 'Greece; A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou, Harrow School of Computer Science Univ. Of Westminster 'UK; A. Alexopoulou, School of Conservation, Technological Educational Ins., Athens 'Greece
X-ray Radiography Applied to the Study of the Ancient Manufacturing Technique and the State of Conservation of Cultural RelicsJ. Yang - Xi'an Centre for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Relics 'P. R. China; Y.Duan-Xi'an Air Force Engineering University 'P.R.China
XRF Spectrometers for Non-Destructive Investigations in Art and Archaeology: the Cost of PortabilityC. Caneva - Università Di Roma 'La Sapienza' 'Italy; M. Ferretti, CNR-ITABC 'Italy
Ground Penetrating Radar applications on the Façade of St. Peter's Basilica in VaticanG. Giunta - EniTecnologie SpA 'Italy; G. Calloni-EniTecnologie SpA 'Italy

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