15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Quality Management and accreditation of Non-destructive testing laboratoriesC.H. Gür - Middle East Technical University 'Turkey
 Modelisation of thermomechanical behaviour of 12CR - 0.1C plasma semi-transferred arc coatingK. Necib - Polytechnic School 'Algeria; M.A. Belouchrani, A. Britah - Polytechnic School 'Algeria
Automation of Wear Analysis for Large Caliber WeaponsD. Salafia - U.S. Army Yuma proving Ground 'USA; Norberto L. DeLeon, James F. Outlaw - U.S. Army Yuma proving Ground 'USA
Subharmonic Generation in Piezoelectrics with Cantor-Like StructureC. Chiroiu - Romanian Academy 'Romania; V.Chiroiu, L.Munteanu, C.Rugina - Institute of Solid Mechanics, Bucarest 'Romania; M.Scalerandi, E.Ruffino - Politecnico di Torino 'Italy
Restoration of real-Time Radiographic System for industry in IndonesiaG.B. Suparta - Gadjah Mada University 'Indonesia; R.Isaris, A.A.Moenir, M.P.Pongtuluran -CMGI BATAN PUSPITEK Serpong Jakarta 'Indonesia
 The importance of NDT Techniques in Indian Coal Mining IndustryS.K. Kashyap - M/S Central mining Research Institute 'India; S.P. Choudhary, G. Laxminaraynan - M/S Central mining Research Institute ' India
NDT of welds: how to win quality of results with cost of inspectionD. Chauveau - Institute de Soudure 'France; A. Blettner,T. Raguenet-Institute de Soudure 'France
Automatic Control of Automotive components in Mass ProductionN.V. Lyachenkov - AO Avtovaz Inc. 'Russia; V. Kokotov - AO Avtovaz 'Russia
Testing Vibration Analysis of the Achilles Tendon StateL. Maslov - Ivanovo State Power Engineering Univ. 'Russia; V. Shapin, S. Korablev - Ivanovo State Power Engineering Univ. 'Russia
Study on the NDT Technique of Weld Defects in Electron-Beam Welding PistonsPeijun Ni - Inner Mongol Research Institute of Metallic Materials 'P. R. China; Li Xudong-Inner Mongolia Metals Institute; Zhang Hui, Su Liguang-China North Industries Group Corp. 'P.R. China
Critical Comments about the German and French Uses of I.Q.I.S for Monitoring Radiographic SensitivityJ. Reyes-Romero - Universidad Central de Venezuela 'Venezuela
NDT Market in China after WTON. Wing-Hong Ng - De Hua Materials Testing Company Limited 'P. R. China
 NDE of SelfS.D. Janakiram - Hal Staff College 'India
 Increasing Performance in Automated Ultrasonic InspectionL. Jeppesen - Force Institute 'Denmark; B. Larsen, S.Neergard-Force Institute 'Denmark
Check of Purity Grade as a Statistical Process Control by means of an Automatic Ultrasonic Testing EquipmentR.Koch - Nukem Nutronik GmbH 'Germany; R. Pawelletz - MSA, Belo Horizonte 'Brasil
PC Multimedia Based Leak Detection System for Water Distribution NetworksO.Hunaidi - National Research Council Canada 'Canada; A. Wang - National Research Council Canada, Ottawa 'Canada
New Experience in the ultrasonic examination for stainless steel welds of heavy wall pressure vesselG. Nardoni - I&T Nardoni Institute 'Italy 'Italy; Y.S. Park, N.G. Kwag, K.C. Shin-Hanjung 'South Korea; P. Nardoni-I&T Nardoni Institute 'Italy
NDT Data Organisation and Flow ModelG. Cavaccini - Alenia Aerospazio 'Italy; G. Borzacchiello, G.Caturano, A. Ciliberto - Alenia Pomigliano D'Arco (NA) 'Italy
SoundPrint® Acoustic Monitoring to Confirm Integrity of Stressed Wiring in Bridges, Structures and Water pipelinesD.Youdan - Pure Technologies 'United Kingdom; P.O. Paulson, J.F. Elliott-Pure Technologies Ltd. 'Canada
Barkhausen noise at deep drawing steel after various degrees of cold plastic deformationJ. Grum - University of Ljublijana 'Slovenia; B. Pecnik-Faculty of Mechanical Eng. Ljublijana; D. Fefer-Faculty of Electrical Eng. Ljublijana 'Slovenia
Ultrasonic Testing of Axle sets of Diesel-Engine trainsJ. Grum - University of Ljublijana 'Slovenia; V. Jemec-Secondary School Domzale 'Slovenia
 Detection of fatigue cracks in railway railsV.Bely - NPP 'NORMA 'Russia; I.Shchedrin, N.Makarenkova-NPP NORMA 'Russia
The non-destructive testing in an industry with use of the radionuclidesN.R.Kuzelev - Russian National Technical Physics and Automation research Institute (VNIITFA) 'Russia; V.Ivanov, V.Gratchov, E. Zhukovsky, L. Kosarev - VNIITFA 'Russia
Methods of Ultrasonic Testing of Rolled Steel with the Use of Electro-Magnetic Transducers (EMAT)A.V. Kirikov - Nordinkraft Co., JSC 'Russia
Quantification of Defects in the wood by Use of ultrasonics in Association with Imagistic MethodL.Iancu - National Institute of Wood 'Romania; C.Iancu-National Institute of Wood; R.Grimberg, R.Costel-National Institute of Technical Physics IASI 'Romania
Potentialities of ultrasonics for evaluating residual stresses: Influence of microstructureH. Walaszek - Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques (CETIM) 'France; Y.Abdallahoui, H.P. Lieurade-CETIM 'France
Non contacting ultrasonics: a review of new approaches lead in CETIMH. Walaszek - Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques (CETIM) 'France; D. Clorennec, D. Royer - Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique ESPCI Université Paris 'France
Shadow moiré and the use of flexible gratings to adapt to curved surfacesH. Canabal B. - Universidad Complutense de Madrid 'Spain; H. Canabal B., J.A. Quiroga, E. Bernabeu - Universidad Complutense de Madrid; M.Alvaro Labajo, V.Cortés Testillano-Construcciones Aeronáuticas s.a. 'Spain
 Aspects of the management of the Post inspection Qualification ProcessP. D. Kelsey - Rolls Royce Marine Power 'United Kingdom; A.E. Walker - Rolls Royce Marine Power 'U.K.
Digital Autoradiography: possibilities and applicationsD. Gafitullina - Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbek Academy of Sciences 'Uzbekistan
 First Large Scale Industrial Application of the New R/D-Tech Multi-array X-Probe on Belgian Steam generator tubesO. Scauflaire - Laborelec 'Belgium; R. De Graeve - Laborelec 'Belgium
FRP Plating Inspection on static conasolidation of buildings by Infrared Video Thermography and Low frequency (microseismic) ultrasoundM. Prencipe - COPROMA SUD C.N.D. 'Italy; P. Desiderio - D.I.N.E. Università degli Studi di Napoli 'Italy
Defectoscopy of the Mains Gas Pipelines to Detect the Presence of the Stress Corrosion of the Pipeline WallG. Zhukova - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia
Technique for Austenitic Stainless Steel WeldQian Qilin - Bo Hai Shipyard 'P. R. China; Zong Maodi - Bo Hai Shipyard 'P.R. China
Temperature dependence of 1/F noise and transport characteristics as a non-destructive testing of monocrystalline silicon solar cellsA. Ibrahim - Technical University of Brno, Faculty of Civil Engineering 'Czech Republic; Z.Chobola - Technical University of Brno, Faculty of Civil Engineering 'Czech Republic
Application of Filmless radiography during the production of large diameter pipesT. Kersting - Mannesmann Research Institute 'Germany; L. Oesterlein-Europipe Deutschland Muelheim Mill; N. Schönartz-Mannesmann Research Institute 'Germany
Ultrasonic flow detection for small and medium diameter pipe bendsShao he Song - GanSu Electric Power Test & Research Institute 'P. R. China; Xin Zhang-GanSu Electric Power Test & Research Institute; Jin qiang Hu-803 Power Plant 'P.R. China
NDT on the InternetR.Diederichs - NDT.net 'Germany
Examinations of Sliding Burnishing Using for Improving the Surface Quality of External Cylindrical SurfacesG.Varga - University of Miskolc 'Hungary; I.Dudas-Dept. of Pruduction Engineering University of Miskolc 'Hungary
Characterisation of Industrial Film Viewers According to the UNI EN 25580 StandardG.Calcagno - Italian Institute of Welding 'Italy; M.Murgia, G.Orlando - Italian Institute of Welding, Genova ; G.Succetti - COFAR S.r.l., Arcore 'Italy
New Method and Software for the weldings Non-destructive TestingM.Tirziu - S.C. Symphony S.r.l. 'Romania
Evaluation of Type and Dimensions of Discontinuities Through Three Dimensional Ultrasonic ImagingJ.Shoef - Gabi Shoef Ltd. 'Israel; Y.Segal-Technion; G.Passi-Sonotron 'Israel
High-resolution radioscopy and tomography for light materials and devicesT.Baumbach - Fraunhofer Institute for NDT EADQ 'Germany; L.Helfen-Fraunhofer Institute for NDT, Saarbrücken; R.Hanke-Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, Erlangen; J.Banhart, H.Standzick-Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Material Research, Bremen 'Germany; W.Ludwig, P.Cloetens, J.Baruchel-European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble 'France
Lack of fusion in welded jointsG. Rihar - Institut za Varilstvo 'Slovenia

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