15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Materials Characterization and testing
Estimation of creep voids using a progressive damage model and neural networkH. Jeong - Wonkwang University 'South Korea
Development of Roll Surface Testing Technique by use of Broad Bandwidth Surface WavesH. Takada - Kawasaki Steel Corporation 'Japan; A.Torao, M. Kitahama, T.Morii, R.Sugimoto, A.Sato, - Kawasaki Steel Corporation 'Japan
Hydrogen Embrittlement Detection on High-Strength Steel by Means of XRD Residual Stress Determination TechniqueF. De Paolis - Aeronautica Militare Italiana 'Italy; R. Capriotti, M. Colavita, P. Silvestri - Italian Air Force CSV Rep.Chimico 'Italy
Effects of porosity on the Mechanical Strength and Ultrasonic Attenuation of CF-Peek fibre Placed CompositesDemma A. - Imperial College of Science 'United kingdom; B.Djordjevic - CNDE of the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 'USA
Magnetic and electromagnetic methods of Inspection the wear resistance of steel productsE.S. Gorkunov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia; V.Makarov, L.Kogan, Y.Kolobylin - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia
Non-destructive inspection of sintered powder carbon steel productsE.S. Gorkunov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia; A.I. Ul'yanov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia
Non-destructive magnetic inspection of elastoplastic strains in metastable austenitic steelsE.S. Gorkunov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia; M.B. Rigmant, P.P. Matafonov, S. V. Smirnov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch); S.V. Gladkovsky - Ural Politechnical Institute 'Russia
Interaction Between domain walls and structural defects as a background for magnetic inspection of steel structuresE.S. Gorkunov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia; Yuriy Dragoshansky - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia
Evaluation of residual stresses in ferromagnetic steels by means of magnetic and magnetoelastic proceduresA.P. Nichipuruk - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia; E. S. Gorkunov - Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) 'Russia
Surface Crack Detection Using Rayleigh Waves - in immersion: A Novel Application of a Known PrincipleS. Gripp - Nukem Nutronik GmbH 'Germany
Non-destructive characterisation of Nodular Cast Irons by Ultrasonic methodGür C.H. - Middle East Technical University 'Turkey; Birand Aydinmakina - Middle East Technical University, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Dpt. 'Turkey
Determination of properties of SiC Reinforced Aluminium metal matrix composites by Ultrasonic TechniquesC.H. Gür - Middle East Technical University 'Turkey; Esra Atas-Middle East Technical University 'Turkey
Characterization of ceramic coatings with large-aperture low-frequency transducersP. Kauppinen - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland; H.Jeskanen, J.Pitkanen - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland
Mechanism of Scattering of Ultrasonic Waves at Passing Very Fine Pearlitic SteelKopec B. - ZDB a.s. (Iron Works and Wiremill) 'Czech Republic
 Exploration of Corrosion Resistance by Using Electrochemical NoiseR. Krumbach - Univerity of Leipzig 'Germany; Andreas Heyn-University of Leipzig 'Germany
 On the new method to compute the fatigue threshold - Influence of the microstruttural and residual stressesM. Bolouchrani - Polytechnic School 'Algeria; M.B. Belouchrani, K. Necib - Polytechnic School 'Algeria
NDT of cyclically loaded metal structuresK.I. Yeryomin - Magnitogorsk State Technical University 'Russia; Naschokin M.-Magnitogorsk State Technical University 'Russia
Magnetic Leakage Field inside and outside a Slot on the Cylindrical Surface of a Disc caused by the Threading-Bar TechniqueW._C. Zhong - Nanjing Gas Turbine Research Institute 'P. R. China
Strange Magnetic Particle Pattern Around a square Hole on the Work Piece SurfaceW._C. Zhong - Nanjing Gas Turbine Research Institute 'P. R. China
Reversing of Magnetic Poles in a Slot on the Work Piece Surface after Discontinuation of Longitudinal MagnetizationW._C. Zhong - Nanjing Gas Turbine Research Institute 'P. R. China
 Study on Fatigue Damage and Quality Evaluation of Wire Rope by Acoustic EmissionZ. Zhu - Institute of Metal Research - Chinese Academy of Sciences 'P. R. China; Yanfeng Guo, Wanquan Yin - Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences 'P.R.China
 Study on Effect of Surface Modification on Sic Fibre on Interface Properties of SiCf/Al Composite Using Acoustic EmissionZhu Z. - Institute of Metal Research - Chinese Academy of Sciences 'P. R. China; Yangfeng Guo, Nanlin Shi - Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences 'P.R.China
The Non-Destructive Testing of the Quality of Hard Alloy ProductsY. Fengnian - The Heilongjiang North Tools Factory 'P. R. China
 Material Characterisation using Alpha-Autoradiography and its Extension for Specialised ApplicationsJ.K. Ghosh - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India; B.B. Shriwastwa, S. Muralidhar - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India
Comparison of Two Ultrasonic Methods for Materials CharacterisationP. Petculescu - Ovidius University 'Romania; C.Oprea - Ovidius University 'Romania
Photoluminescence of synthetic and natural Materials for Industry and HandicraftD. Ajò - ICTIMA - CNR 'Italy; L.Armelao-CSSRCC CNR Padova; G.Pozza, F.De Zuane, L.Maini-ICTIMA CNR Padova; S.Carbonin-Università degli Studi Padova 'Italy
Non-Metal Mineral Materials and Their Non-destructive Characterization and TestingV.D. Vladimirov - Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski 'Bulgaria
Ultrasonic testing of the milled material characteristicsV.Byzov - Krivoy Rog Technical University 'Ukraine; V.Morkun - Krivoy Rog Technical University 'Ukraine
Transpyramidal Indentation Viewing - New possibilities for mobile hardness testingS. Frank - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
Characterization of the damage area in glass fibre reinforced composites using AE planar localisationSantulli C. - University of Liverpool 'United Kingdom; W.J.Cantwell-University of Liverpool 'U.K.
A non destructive method for measuring the Complex permittivity of Dielectric Materials using a resonator Transmission LineB. Atrouz - Laboratoire Micro-ondes/Radar - U.E.R. d'Electronique 'Algeria
3D Investigation of Metallic Foams by mikrotomography (µCT)E. Jasiuniene - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung 'Germany; B. Illerhaus, J. Goebbles - BAM Berlin 'Germany
New approach to optimise the ultrasonic testing of austenitic weldsD. Flotté - Institute de Soudure 'France; Daniel Chauveau-Institute de Soudure 'France
Ultrasonic Characteristics of Plastic bonded explosive (PBX) JOB-9003 in Thermal shock TestsY. Tian - Institute of Chemical Materials of CAEP 'P. R. China; W.Zhang, Hao Yin, Li Jingming, Wen Maoping - Institute of Chemical Materials of CAEP 'P.R. China
Contactless monitoring of Surface-Wave Attenuation and Nonlinearity for Evaluating Remaining Life of Fatigued SteelsH. Ogi - Osaka University 'Japan; Y.Minami, S.Aoki, M. Hirao - Osaka University 'Japan
Non-destructive Inspection of Smart MaterialsG. Mook - Otto- Von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, IWW 'Germany; J.Pohl, F.Michel, T.Benziger - IWW The Otto- Von-Guericke University 'Germany
Evaluation of Metal failure Criteria in the Conditions of Complex LoadingE.Kossyh - Research Laboratory for Problem of Strength and Resource Savings 'Belarus; N. Babich - Research Laboratory for Problem of Strength and Resource Savings, 'Belarus
Method of identification of viscoelastic materials with a stress relaxation functionV.Rudnitsky - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; A. Kren, S.V. Tsarik - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus
Improvement in automated Aluminum Casting Inspection by Finding Correspondence of Potential Flaws in Multiple Radioscopic ImagesD. Mery - Technical University of Berlin 'Germany; D. Filbert - Technical University of Berlin; N. Parspour - YXLON International X-Ray GmbH 'Germany
Health Monitoring of Smart CFRP-StructuresJ.Pohl - IWW, Otto- Von-Guericke University of Magdeburg 'Germany; F. Michel, G.Mook - IWW Otto Von Guericke University, Magdeburg 'Germany
Fuel Pellets Automatic Visual InspectionF.Aguirre - ENUSA (Empresa Nactional del Uranio S. A.) 'Spain; A.Domingo-ENUSA 'Spain
X-Ray Refraction Topography for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Advanced MaterialsB. Müller - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; M.Hentschel, K-W.Harbich, A.Lange, J.Schors - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany
New development in X-Ray Topography of advanced non-metallic materialsM.P. Hentschel - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; Bernd R. Muller, A. Lange, W. Harbich, J. Schors - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM 'Germany
NDE of Moisture in Encapsulant resin of IC Packages by MicrowavesYang Ju - Tohoku University 'Japan; S. Sanpei, M. Saka, H. Abé - Tohoku University, Sendai 'Japan
Flaw Detection in Composite Plates by Means of Lamb WavesAgostini V. - Politecnico di Torino 'Italy; P.P. Delsanto-Politecnico di Torino; D. Zoccolan-SISSA, Trieste 'Italy
Characterisation of steel grades by Magnetoinductive methodD. Stegemann - University of Hannover (IKPH) 'Germany; W. Reimche, B. Heutling, A. Krys - University of Hannover (IKPH) 'Germany; J. Kross; M. Stolzenberg; G. Westkämper - Salzgitter Stahl AG., Germany; R. Angerer - VOEST ALPINE Stahl 'Austria
Some Properties of the Anodized Aluminium SurfaceZ. Bolanca - University of Zagreb 'Croatia; A. Hladnik - Inst. of Pulp and Paper, Ljubljana 'Slovenia
 Defect detection and classification using a multiple frequency eddy current systemM. von Kreutzbruck - University of Giessen 'Germany; T. Ruhl, K. Allweins, C. Heiden - IAP giessen 'Germany
Transient recording and analysis of acoustic emission events resulting from damage evolution in composite laminatesJohnson M. - Royal Institute of Technology, KTH 'Sweden; P. Gudmundson - Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm 'Sweden
Status quo' of the magneto-inductive testing - Innovation in industrial series testing by digital technology M. Maaß - Institut Dr. Forster Prufgeratebau GmbH & Co. KG - Niederlassung Dortmund 'Germany; Nehring Jurgen, Sievers Detlef-Institut Dr. Forster Prufgeratebau GmbH & Co. 'Germany
Ultrasounds Back-Scattering Measurements for New Anisotropy Indicator ConstructionJ. Moysan - Université de la Méditerranée 'France; G.Corneloup-Université de la Mediterranée (LCND) 'France
Lock-in thermography for depth resolved defect characterisationA. Dillenz - IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany; D. Wu, K.Breitrück, G. Busse-IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany
A Methodological Approach to Fault Location of IC ModulesZhihong Qian - Jilin University Of Technology 'P. R. China; X.Zhao-The Second Aeronautical College of the Airforce, Jilin; Gao Minghui, Ma Yukuan, Dai Yisong-Jilin University of Technology 'P.R.China
NDE of Fatigue on Metals Thermography, Acoustic Microscopy and Positron Annihilation MethodN. Meyendorf - University of Dayton 'USA; S. Sathish-University of Dayton Research Institute; H.Rösner, W. Karpen, S. Faßbender, A. Sourkov-Fraunhofer Institute Non-Destructive Testing 'Germany
 Correct Interpretation of testing results under ultrasonic non-destructive testing of metal with discontinuityO.A. Cherman - Saint-Petersburg State Electrical University 'Russia; K. Abbakumov-Saint-Petersburg State Electrical University 'Russia
Harmonic frequency analysis of acoustic Barkhausen noise on neutron irradiated materialC.M. Sim - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) 'South Korea; Kee-Ok Chang, Seung-Sik Park, Duck-Gun Park, Young-Yeal Song - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) 'Korea
Elastic Properties of the Lead Containing Bismuth Tellurite Glasses - An Ultrasonic StudyV. Rajendran - Mepco Schlenk Eng. College 'India; N.Palanivelu-Mepco Schlenk Eng. College; B.K. Chandhuri-Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 'India
 Magnetic Characterisation of Microstructure in 9Cr-1Mo Steel Heat Treated from Various Austenitisation TemperaturesD.K. Bhattacharya - National Metallurgical Laboratory 'India
Evaluation of Magnetic Phases in Cold Worked and Weldments of AISI 304 Stainless SteelA. Mitra - National Metallurgical Laboratory 'India; S.Palit Sagar, P.K.De, D.K. Bhattacharya-National Metallurgical Laboratory Jamshedpur 'India
Remote Non-Contact Ultrasonic Testing of Composite MaterialsDjordjevic B.B. - John Hopkins University 'USA
Absolute Electrical Property Measurements Using Conformable MWM Eddy-Current Sensors for Quantitative Materials CharacterizationA. Washabaugh - Jentek Sensors, Inc. 'USA; V. Zilberstein, N.Goldfine-Jentek Sensors, Inc. 'USA
Ultrasonic Characterization of IntermetallicsR.R. Yadav - Allahabad University 'India; D.Singh-Physics Dept. University of Allahabad 'India
Micromagnetic Stress Determination on Tailored BlanksH. Seegers - Inst. fur Fertigungstechnik und Spanende Werkzeugmaschinen 'Germany; H.K.Tönshoff, T. Friemuth, Ines Oberbeck - Inst. für Fertigungstechnik und Spanende Werkzeugmaschinen 'Germany
Testing of Hardening Parameters of Metal Products undex Plastic Deformation by Barkhausen's Effect MethodN. Averin - Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering & Computer Science 'Russia; V. Filinov, V. Shaternikov - MSAIECS 'Russia
Elaboration Software and Material Characterization by Eddy-Current MethodM. Zergoug - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; S.Mebrek, N.Boucherrou, A.Benchaala, F.Sellidj - CSC 'Algeria
Barkhausen effect based sensor and intellectual system for accurate stress measurements and monitoring in harsh environmental conditionsV. Vengrinovich - Belarus Academy of Sciences 'Belarus; V. Tsukerman, Y. Denkevich - JAP of Belarus NAS 'Belarus
Characteristic Parameters from Acoustic Emission Signals In Wear of Cutting ToolsJ.E. Ruzzante - U.A. ENDE - Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica 'Argentina; R.Piotrkowski, E. Serrano -UNSAM Buenos Aires; J. Masetro-G.L.E.A. CNEA Buenos Aires 'Argentina; T. Perez Gallego - I.M.E.I.M., E.T.S. Univ. Valladolid 'Spain
Dynamic Elastic Constants of Weld HAZ of SA 508 CL.3 Steel Using Resonant Ultrasound SpectroscopyC. Yong-Moo - Korea Atomic Energy research Institute (KAERI) 'South Korea; K. Joo-Hag, H. Jun-Hwa, Hyun-Kyu Jung - Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Yusong 'Korea
 Characterisation of Deformed Zone at the Crack Tip of Carbon Steel Piping Using Barkhaussen Noise AnalysisH.N. Singh - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India; R.S. Shriwastaw, A.B. Tramhane, V.K. Madan, K.C. Sahoo - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India
Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of Different Microstructure on Barkhausen NoiseL. Qiang - College of Mechanical and Electric Engineering 'P. R. China; M. Longxiu, Y. Zuyi-Northern Jiaotong University; L. Xuewen-China Academia of Railways Science, Metal & Chemistry Institute 'P.R.China
Measurement Tension Damage in Ferro-Magnetic Material by Using of Barkhausen NoiseL. Qiang - College of Mechanical and Electric Engineering 'P. R. China; S. Guangxiong, Y. Zuyi, M. Longxiu-Northern Jiaotong University Beijing 'P.R.China
Ultrasonic Characterisation of Martensitic Transformation in Cu Based Shape Memory AlloysM. Landa - Institute of Thermomechanics, ASCR 'Czech Republic; V. Nova'k, P. Sittner- Institute of Physics ASCR 'Czech Rep.
Ultrasonic Techniques for Non-destructive Evaluation of Internal StressesM. Landa - Institute of Thermomechanics, ASCR 'Czech Republic; J. Plesek - Institute of Thermomechanics 'Czech Republic
The Measure of Magnetic Material Characterizations in Ring SamplesI. Branovitsky - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; G.Razmyslovicth - IAP National Academy of Sciences of Belarus 'Belarus
Magnetic Methods and Instrumentation for Inspection of the Ferromagnetic Steels Shattering Process for the Metallic Structures Residual Resource Evaluation of Machines and Vessels Working Under PressureV. Muzhitskiy - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; B.E. Popov - UCK Kran 'Russia; G.Y. Bezludko - SIC 'SNR' Ukraine
In-Production Electromagnetic Testing of Steel Pipes Used in Oil IndustryY.K. Fedosenko - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; A. Polevoda-ZAO MSIA Spectrum 'Russia
Fast Automatic Measurement of Mechanical Properties of SteelI. Obodan - QA Management Enterprise 'Ukraine; V. Obodan-Institute for Iron Metallurgy Automation, Dnepropetrovsk 'Ukraine
Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Adhesively Bonded Composite-Metal Joints by Acoustic MethodsOh-Yang Kwon - Inha University 'South Korea; T.H. Kim, K.J. Lee - dept. Of mechanical Eng., Inha University 'Korea
Advanced Analytical techniques for Monitoring Composition Fluctuations of a Dielectric Elastomer Processed by ExtrusionBartoli J.R. - University of S. Paulo 'Brasil; F. Galembeck - Chemistry Inst. , UNICAMP; G. Almeida - F.E.I. Faculdade de Eng. Industrial; H. Vargas - LCFIS/Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense R.J. 'Brazil
Determining Residual Stresses in Ferromagnetic Materials by Barkhausen Noise MeasurementS. Ferreira da Silva Junior - Brazilian Nuclear Regulatory Commission - CNEN 'Brasil; T.R. Mansur - Brazilian Nuclear Regulatory Commission - CNEN; E.S. Palma - Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais 'Brazil
On-Line Monitoring of Thermosets Moulding Process Applying UltrasoundW. Stark - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; J. Döring, J. McHugh - BAM Berlin; C. Kürten - Iserlohner Kunststoff Technologie 'Germany
Contribution to Ultrasound Cure Control for Composite ManufacturingJ. Döring - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; J. Bartusch, J. McHugh, W. Stark - BAM 'Germany
Detection and Localizing of Defects in Welded Joints of Items from Plastic Using UltrasoundV. Pad'ko - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; V.A. Troitskij - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS 'Ukraine
Ultrasonic Evaluation of Bond Using Segment Adaptive FilteringX.M. Jian - Nanyang Technological University 'Singapore; Guo N. - School of Mechanical & Production Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Li M.X. and Zhang H.L. Zhang - Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 'P.R.China
Distinction of Alloy Steels by Means of the Closely Coupled Probes Potential Drop TechniqueM. Saka - Tohoku University 'Japan; F. Takeo - Hachinohe College of Technology, Hachinohe; T. Sagae - Aichi Steel Works Ltd. Tokai 'Japan
Evaluation of delamination in Carbon Fibre Composites Using the Eddy Current MethodSavin A. - National Institute of Technical Physics 'Romania; D. Premel, J. Le Byhan - LESIR Ecole Normal Superieur de Cachan 'France; R. Grimberg, S. Chifan-National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics IASI 'Romania
Ultrasonic Examination of Thermal Sprayed Coatings with Frequency AnalysisH. Hatanaka - Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd 'Japan; K. Namba, I. Kajigaya, T. Arakawa-Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. 'Japan
GMR-Sensor in Use of Stress MeasurementW. Ricken - University of Kassel 'Germany; W.-J. Becker, Jigou Liu-University of Kassel 'Germany
Non-Destructive Testing of Bulky Centrifugal Fans Conducted for the Purpose of Prolongation of Their Fatigue LifeB. Ladecki - University of Mining & Metallurgy 'Poland; S. Wolny-University of Mining & Metallurgy 'Poland
Evaluation of Fatigue State of Ferromagnetic Steels by Magnetic MethodsS. Chifan - National Institute of Technical Physics 'Romania; R. Grimberg, A.Savin, A.Andreescu, R.Steigmann-National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics; V.Palihovici-Technical University Gh. Asachi Iasi 'Romania
A Method to Determine the Debonding Zones in Multilayer Wood MaterialsR. Grimberg - Institute of Technical Physics 'Romania; L.Iancu-National Institute for Wood Bucharest; A.Lupu, A. Savin, C. Rotundu- National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics 'Romania
Quantitative material characterisation of composites by ultrasonic scanningH.E. Gundtoft - Risø National Laboratory 'Denmark
The Emission Acoustic Signals Registration for the Materials Brittleness EstimationD. Grabco - Moldavian Academy of Sciences 'Moldova; R.Jitaru, V.Rahvalov, A. Mihaes, D. Leu-Moldavian Academy of Science, Chisinau 'Moldova
Cracks Detection by Electromagnetic and Acoustic EmissionJ. Sikula - Brno University of Technology 'Czech Republic; B. Koktavy, P. Koktavy, J. Pavelka, V. Sedlakova - Dept. Of Physics Technical University of Brno; T. Lokajicek-Geophysical Inst. Academy of Science Prague 'Czech Republic; M.Tacano-Meisei University Hino Tokyo; S.Hashiguchi-Yamanashi University, Kofu 'Japan
Ultrasonic Testing of Composites - From laboratory Research to In-field InspectionsW. Hillger - DLR Braunschweig - German Aerospace research Center 'Germany
Experimental Study of Irradiation Damage Effect by Steam MeasurementsB. Acosta - Joint Research Centre 'The Netherlands; L.Debarberis, F.Sevini, C.McGirl, M.Beers-JRC-JAM Petten 'The Netherlands
Assessment of Steels Ageing by Measuring the Seebeck and Thomson Effects (STEAM)L. Debarberis - Joint Research Centre 'The Netherlands; B.Acosta, M.Beers, C.McGirl, F.Sevini -JRC-JAM Petten 'The Netherlands
Assessment of Steels ageing by Rayleigh wave velocity measurementsC. Pecorari - Joint Research Centre 'The Netherlands; X. Gros, B. Acosta, L. Debarberis, M. Beers, G. Manna - JAM Petten 'The Netherlands
Photoacoustic microscopy of layered structures and subsurface defects of solidsO. Vertsanova - National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kiev Polytechnic Institute' 'Ukraine
On the Uncertainty of Time-Frequency Domain Resolutions for Ultrasonic Velocity Evaluation of Surface Elastic WavesE.G. Nesvijski - Center of Tecnology, Federal University of Santa Maria 'Brasil; T.Nesvijski - Center of Tecnology, Federal University of Santa Maria 'Brazil
Second and Third Order Elastic Constants Determination of an Isotropic MetalM. Bentahar - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; A.Badidi-Bouda, A. Benchaâla-C.S.C. 'Algeria
Characterisation of Grains by Barkhausen Noise and Eddy Current TestingM.Zergoug - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; N.Boucherrou, N.Bennaceur, A.Haddad, S.Mebrek, A.Hammouda, F.Sellidj, B.Moulti, A.Benchaala-CSC; N.Bennaler-Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria
The Steel Grain Magnification Influence on the Ultrasound wave attenuationZ. Cherrouf - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; N.Ouali, S.Ouallam, G.Kamel-CSC 'Algeria
Local Thermal Processing Effects in the Morphological Transformations CompressionZ. Cherrouf - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; S.Ouallam, F.Sellidj, A.Hammouda, G.Kamel-C.S.C. 'Algeria
Characterisation of the Cementation Layer by the Barkhausen NoiseM. Bahia - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; M.Zergoug, A.Benchaâla, A.Haddad, S.A. Mebtouch, T. Larsaoui -C.S.C. 'Algeria
Statistical Void analysis from CT Imagery with Applications to Damage Evolution in an AM60B Magnesium AlloyA. Waters - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 'USA; H.E. Martz, K.W. Dolan-LLNL 'USA; M.F. Horstemeyer-Sandia National Laboratory 'USA; R.E. Green Jr.-Johns Hopkins Univ. Center for Non-destructive Evaluation 'USA
 Frequency characteristics of Material in Eddy Current testY. Fenghe - Wuhan Automatic Polytecnic University 'P. R. China; Chen dan - Huazhong University of Science and Technology China 'P.R.China
Study of Defects Detected in Thin-Walled Zircaloy Tubes by Ultrasonic Testing in High Speed Rota- 25R.K. Mistry - Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India; R.K.Srivastava, N.Saratchandran-Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India
Plutonic and Volcanic Basic Rocks Non-Destructive StudyV.Vladimirov - Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski 'Bulgaria; M.Mihovski-Institute of Mechanics BAS Sofia 'Bulgaria
Material Characterisation ProbeH. Jeskanen - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland; P.Kauppinen, J.Pitkänen, S. Tähtinen-VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland
 Characterization of Anisotropic Materials with an Ultrasonic Phased Array SystemD. Frenet - CEA/CEREM 'France; P.Calmon-Commissariat a L'energie Atomique; M.Ouaftouh-Université De Valenciennes 'France
 Monitoring Thermal Deformation and Damage During Laser Drilling of Ceramic SubstratesM. Aslan - The Pennsylvania State University 'USA; B.R. Tittmann - The Pennsylvania State University 'USA
Study of Reinforcing Bars Detection Buried in Concrete Structures Using Eddy Current MethodO. Yokota - College of Engineering, Nihon University 'Japan
Developments in Real Time Crystallographic TechniquesN. Townsend - X - innovations Ltd. 'United Kingdom
Quantitative Material Inspection with Coherent X-Ray ScatteringH. Bomsdorf - Fachbereich Physik, Bergische Universität 'Germany; J.-M.Kosanetzky-CEO YXLON International X-Ray GmbH; T. Müller-Bergische Universität Wuppertal 'Germany
 Non-Destructive Control of Mechanical Properties of a Non-Homogeneous CoatingsS. Aizikovich - Rostov State University 'Russia; L. Krenev, N. Serova, S. Aizikovich, N. Yakovleva, Rostov State University 'Russia
Acoustic Emission monitoring of fatigue strength of hydroxylapatite coatings on dental implantsC. Caneva - Università Di Roma 'La Sapienza' 'Italy; F.Billi, M.Valente-Dept. Materials Eng. Univ. La Sapienza Roma 'Italy
Study of Cold Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel - Using LCR WavesB.N. Sankar - Anna University 'India; P. Palanichamy, T. Jayakumar, P. kalyanasundaram, Baldev Raj - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
Reactor Material Testing by Computerized Tomography with Neutrons and Gamma-RaysF.A.El Bakkoush - Tajoura Nuclear Research Centre 'Libya
 Non-Dstructive Testing of Non-Homogeneous Materials with Residual StressesN. Serova - Rostov State University 'Russia; L. Krenev, N. Yakovleva-Rostov State University 'Russia
Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensor for On-Line Density Measurement on Green Ceramic TilesGM. Revel - Università degli Studi di Ancona 'Italy; E.P. Tomasini-Dip. Di Meccanica Università degli Studi di Ancona 'Italy
Damage Detection by Laser Vibration MeasurementGM. Revel - University of Ancona 'Italy; P. Castellini-Dip. Di Meccanica Università degli Studi di Ancona 'Italy
 Ultrasonic Characterization of Plant and Glass Fibre CompositesKaj K. Borum - Risø National Laboratory 'Denmark
The Ultrasonic Evaluation of Shrinkage Defects in Stainless steel casting IngotShyr-Liang Chu - Materials Research Laboratories - ITRI 'Taiwan R.O.C.; Nang-Chian Shie-Materials Research Laboratories - ITRI 'Taiwan R.O.C.
Quality control of Light Metal Castings by 3D Computed TomographyM. Simon - Hans Wälischmiller GmbH 'Germany; C. Sauerwein - Hans Wälischmiller GmbH 'Germany
Inspection of Fibre Based Technical Composites by Radioscopy and Computed TomographyC. Sauerwein - Hans Wälischmiller GmbH 'Germany; M. Simon-Hans Wälischmiller GmbH 'Germany; J.T. Rheinländer-Risø National Laboratory 'Denmark; Fibrins Consortium-EC Project N. BE97-5129
Inspection of Aluminium 2219 Welded Joint by Eddy Current Method with Multielement ProbeA. Camassa - Alenia Space Division 'Italy; U. Piazza- Alenia Space Div. Turin 'Italy; H. Gac, T. Laffont - R/D Tech Europe 'France; R. Samson-R/D Tech 'Canada
Defect Identification by Ultrasonic Tomography in PolymersS.K. Singhal - Indian Institute of Technology 'India; S.K. Rathore-H.B. Technological Institute Kanpur; N.N. Kishore, N.G.R. Iyengar, P. Munshi - Indian Institute of Technology 'India
New Mode Acoustic Emission Non-Destructive Testing of Polyester Composite MaterialsV.Kozharinov - Technical Expert Society 'TÜV Nord Baltik' Non-destructive Laboratory 'Latvia
New Electric Discharge Frequency Method of Non-Destructive Testing of Dielectric MaterialsV.Kozharinov - Technical Expert Society 'TÜV Nord Baltik' Non-destructive Laboratory 'Latvia; N.I.Mukhurov - Institute of Electronics of the Belarus Academy of Sciences; V.N.Sushentsov - Institute of Physics Organic Chemistry, Minsk 'Belarus
Novel NDE Application of Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Tool for Offline and Online Evaluation of Physico-mechanical Properties of Polymer Based MaterialsG.C.Pandey - Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited 'India; A. Kumar, R.K.Garg - Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited 'India
Use of Barkhausen effect in Measurement of Residual Stresses in Steel after Heat Treatment and GrindingJ. Grum - University of Ljublijana 'Slovenia; P. Zerovnik-Faculty of Mechanical Eng. Ljublijana; D. Fefer-Faculty of Electrical Eng. Ljublijana 'Slovenia

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