15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Methods and Instrumentation
The device for contactless circular magnetization of cylindrical articlesMatyuk V.F. - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; Gorbash V.G. - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus
Radiation - acoustic method for diagnostics of metals and alloysA.P. Mamontov - Research Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University 'Russia; B.V.Chakhlov - Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University 'Russia
High productive Tightness Control of Mass Manufacturing productsS. Sazhin - Nizny Novgorod State Technical University 'Russia
The PT Dye Molecular Structure and its Chromophoric Luminescence MechanismLin ZhenWang - Xiamen Chemical Industry Machinery Plant 'P. R. China; Chen ZhenLu, Luo Jianyan - Xiamen Chemical Industry Machinery Plant 'P.R.China
System of digital radiography for non-destructive testing in the radiation energy range 1-20 MeVJu.A. Moskalev - Research Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University 'Russia; V.Chakhlov, A.C.Temnik - Institute of Introscopy 'Russia
CCD-introscope with luminescent storage screens for digital radiographyJu.A. Moskalev - Research Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University 'Russia; A.V.Dimitrieva, S.V.Grigoryev - Introscopy Institute 'Russia
Multi-group diffusion-age theory of neutron transport in homogeneous media of arbitrary compositionJu.A.Volchénko - Research Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University 'Russia
Non-Destructive quality control and determination of residual stresses in elements and members of machine-Building Structures using the methods of holography, Electron Speckle-Interferometry and ShearographyL.Lobanov - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; V.A.Pivtorak, E.M.Oleinik, I.V.Kiyanets - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute; N.G.Kuvshinsky - National State University Kyiv 'Ukraine
Documented remaining wall thickness with ultrasonics, quickly and intelligentlyR. Kierspel - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; W.Roggendorf - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG; H.Witte - Ingenieurbüro Witte 'Germany
Application of Wavelet Analysis for processing the arrival time of AE WavesYukuan Ma - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Hong Gao, Jingrong Zhao, Xuezhi Yan - Jilin University of Technology; Yang Jingqiu - Changchun Huiyan Test Technology Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
Denoising Method of AE Signal by Using Wavelet AnalysisJ. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Yukuan Ma, Jianbo Yang, Hong Gao - JILIN University of Technology; JingQiu Yang-Changchun Huiyuan Test Technology Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
 Experience of magnetic testing a structure of cast iron productsS.G. Sandomirskii - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; M.N. Delendick, E.G. Sandomirskaya - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus; V. L. Tzukerman-Central Desisn Office NAS 'Belarus
 The investigation of the preliminary magnetization influence on results the products properties testing by magnetic methodS.G. Sandomirskii - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; M.N. Delendick, E.G. Sandomirskaya - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus
Two approaches to ultrasonic control problem solvingV. Davidenko - Energia Service 'Ukraine
Construction of a compact linear Test Rig for defect Characterization using magnetic flux Leakage technique and Finite Element modelsA.Bruno - CENPES/Petrobras 'Brasil; C.Camerini, R.Gladchtein, G.Kuhner; C.Barbosa-Pontificia Universidade Catolica Do Rio de Janeiro 'Brazil
DC field compensation for eddy current measurements on steel parts using dc-coupled magnetometerM. von Kreutzbruck - University of Giessen 'Germany; M.Mück, C.Heiden-University of Giessen; H.Krause, R.Hohmann, Y.Zhang - ISI Research Center Jülich 'Germany
Fluxgate-magnetometer for the detection of deep lying defectsM. von Kreutzbruck - University of Giessen 'Germany; K.Allweins, C.Heiden - IAP Giessen 'Germany
A New Method for Radiographic Image Evaluation for Pipe Wall Thickness MeasurementJ. Belenkij - Private Professor 'Germany; C. Müller(Nockemann), M.Scharmach-BAM 'Germany; V.Vengrinovich-Institute of Applied Physics, Minsk 'Belarus
 Microprocessor System for Non-Destructive DiagnosticsV. Gamaliy - Kirovograd Technical University 'Ukraine; D.Trushakov-Kirovograd Technical University 'Ukraine
Creation of Means of the Control of Magnetic permeability of Heterogeneous Substances and MaterialsN. Tverdostup - Dniepropetrovsk State University 'Ukraine; A. Burya - State Agrarian University 'Ukraine
 Check Leaks based on Cylinder Quartz MicrocapillariesO.Shulzhenko - L.V. Pisarzhevsky 'Ukraine; N.Tchuraev, V.Sobolev-Institute of Physical Chemistry of AS of Russia 'Russia
 Simulation of through-Microdefects Interaction with Process LiquidsO.Shulzhenko - L.V. Pisarzhevsky 'Ukraine; A.Teliatnyk, N.Burlaenko, L.Pogorila, N.Sidorova-L.V.Pisarzhevsky-Institute of Physical Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine 'Ukraine
Laser-Ultrasonic generation of Single-Mode Lamb wave in Thin PlateS.S. Lee - Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science 'South Korea; S.W. Dho, Y.G. Kim, B.Y. Ahn, Sekyoung Lee - Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science 'Korea
 Noise Analysis of High-energy Digital Radiographic SystemL. Xiaozhuang - North China Institute of Technology 'P. R. China; C. Shuyue, L. Hongnian-North China Institute of Technology 'P.R. China
Noise Characteristic and its Removal in digital Radiographic SystemC. Shuyue - North China Institute of Technology 'P. R. China; L. Hongnian-North China Institute of Technology, Taiyuan 'P.R. China
In depth Analysis and Characterisation by Photoacoustic ImageryL. Berquez - Université Paul Sabatier 'France; D.Marty-Dessus, M.Rousseighe, JL.Franceschi - LGET Université Paul Sabatier 'France
Interface Quality Control by Infrared Thermography MeasurementA. Durocher - C.E.A.- Cadarache 'France; R. Mitteau, V.Paulus, J. Schlosser - CEA Cadarache, Saint Paul lez Durance Cedex 'France
Ultrasonic Testing Using a Unipolar PulseY. Udagawa - Imaging Supersonic Laboratories Co., Ltd. 'Japan; T. Shiraiwa - Krautkramer Japan Co. Ltd. 'Japan
Simulation of Voltage Waveform Converted from Sound Pressure in Ultrasonic TestY. Udagawa - Imaging Supersonic Laboratories Co., Ltd. 'Japan; O. kobori - Osaka Sangyo University 'Japan
Hardness Testing of Detail's Internal Surfaces by Higher Harmonic MethodN.O. Gusak - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; A.Chernyshev, S.Murlin - IAP, National Academy of Sciences 'Belarus
Estimation of Differences in Event Arrival Times Through Wavelet Transform TechniquesE.P. Serrano - Universidad Nacional de San Martin 'Argentina; J. E. Ruzzante - Centro Atomico Constituyentes CNEA 'Argentine
Computerized Eddy Current Flaw Detector VD-89NM with Higher Reliability of Detection and Danger Level estimation of Stress-corrosion cracks when Inspecting Gas Pipeline under Stress-CorrosionV. Muzhitskiy - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; V. Karabtchevski-MSIA Spectrum, Russia; S. Karpov-VNIIGAZ 'Russia
New Generation Crawler's Design With Safe Ecology Signaling SystemV.V. Kliouev - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; V.P. Kourozaev, A.S. Bakunov, V. Moujitsky, M.A. Kuzin-ZAO MSIA Spectrum 'Russia; J. Macleod-JME Ltd. 'UK
Metrological Characteristics of 3D - Measuring Microtelevision Videoendoscopic SystemsM. Filinov - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; V. Klyuev, A. Ketkovitch, V. Filinov -MSIA Spectrum 'Russia
On-Line Measurement for the Depth of the Oil Pump Jet Pressure VesselJ. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Gai Shuang, Huang Ting, J. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology, Changchun 'P.R. China
The Research for Tyre Dynamic Mechanic Feature Simulation Experiment SystemJ. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Jingrong Zhao, Huang Ting, Gai Shuang - Jilin University of Technology, Changchun 'P.R. China
The Research for the On-Line Metal Detector which Based on Genetic AlgorithmJ. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Huang Ting, Gai Shuang, Jingrong Zhao - Jilin University of Technology, Changchun 'P.R. China
The Research for the Measurement of the Moving and Vibration of the Dam SystemJ. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Gai Shuang, Huang Ting, J. Zhao - Jilin University of Technology, Changchun 'P.R. China
Solid Phase Density Control of the Gas Containing Suspension by Means of Combined MethodV.S. Morkun - Krivoy Rog Technical University 'Ukraine; S.Mironenko, G.Gubin, N.Morkun - Krivoy Rog Technical University 'Ukraine
A Magnetic Method for Evaluation of the Deterioration of Large Diameter Wire RopesT. Moriya - Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd. 'Japan; K.Tsukada, K.Hanasaki - Graduate School of Eng., Kyoto University 'Japan
Automatic Analysis of Acoustic Emission SignalsG. Vargas - Universidad de Buenos Aires and C.N.E.A. 'Argentina; S.Isaacson, C.D'Attellis - Universidad de Buenos Aires; J.Ruzzante, M.I. López Pumarega, I.R. Pietrkowski - CNEA, Argentina
Printed Circuit Board Inspection for Flexible ManufactureM. Sasai - Mega Trade Co. Ltd., Kyoto 'Japan; Zheng Liu, L.Q. Li, K.Tsukada, K.Hanasaki - M&E Lab. Dep. Of Earth resources Eng. Kyoto University 'Japan
Increase of sensitivity of X-Ray TV InspectionN.Belij - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; V.A.Troitskij - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute; S.Denbnovetskij, A.Leshchishin, S.Mikhailov - KPI National Technical University, Kiev' Ukraine
Signal Processing for Impedance-SensorsT. Gerhold - Universität Gesamthochschule Kassel 'Germany; W.-J.Becker-Universität Gesamthochschule Kassel 'Germany
Estimation of Stresses in Pipelines by Magnetic NoiseN.Kuznetsov - Moscow State Academy of Instrument Making & Informatics 'Russia; I.Lyachenkov,V.Shaternikov, A.Kuznetsov-MSAIECS 'Russia
 Investigation into the Mechanism of Generation of Acoustic Signals During Deformation and Destruction of MaterialsN.Kuznetsov - Moscow State Academy of Instrument Making & Computer Science 'Russia; V.Shaternikov, A.Kuznetsov-MSAIECS 'Russia
A Study on the Guided Wave Mode Conversion Using Self-calibrating TechniqueY. Cho - Inje University 'South Korea; J.-C.Park- Inje University 'S. Korea; J.L.Rose-Eng. Science and Mechanics dept. Penn State University; D.D.Hongerholt-BF Goodrich Aerospace Co. 'USA
 Nondestructive Evaluation of Contact Interaction between Two BodiesI. Kolarov - Higher School of Transport 'Bulgaria; M. Mihovsky - Higher School of Transport 'Bulgaria
Electromagnetic Invariant and its Application for Non-Destructive Testing of Moisture ContentB. Nevzlin - East-Ukrainian State University 'Ukraine; M.Zagirnyak, A.Syrtsov, Y.Dyachenko-East-Ukrainian State University; P.Zakharchenko-JSC Pervomaysk Electromechanical Plant 'Ukraine
Microelectronic catalytic gas sensor for detecting hydrocyanic acid (hcn)S. Sazhin - Nizny Novgorod State Technical University 'Russia; L.Vadova - N.N. State Technical University 'Russia
NDT Characterisation of Thermal Ageing by Barkhausen Signal AnalysisS. Pirfo - Applied Structural Integrity LLC.(ASI) 'Hungary; F.Gillemot-Atomic Energy Research Institute KFKI/AEKI 'Hungary
 DC Current Insulated MeterJ. Kwiczala - Instit. of Measurement & Electrotechnical Control 'Poland; R.Kolano-Instit. of Non-Ferrous Metals 'Poland
 Composite Core and its Application to Current TransformersJ. Kwiczala - Instit. of Measurement & Electrotechnical Control 'Poland; R.Kolano, N.Wójcik-Instit. of Non-Ferrous Metals 'Poland
Oxide and Semiconductor Scintillators in Scintielelectronic Detectors for Detection of NeutronsV.Ryzhikov - Scientific Technological Center for Radiation Instruments of Concern 'Ukraine; V.Chernikov, L.Nagornaya, N.Starzhinskiy, E.Lisetskaya, E.Danshin-STC RI of Concern Institute for Single Crystals 'Ukraine
Temperature Measurements with Two-Wavelength Pyrometer for Material TestingH.Madura - Military University of Technology 'Poland; T.Piatkowski, H.Polakowski, Z.Sikorski-Military University of Technology 'Poland
Woodworking Process Control using IR Camera and PyrometerH.Madura - Military University of Technology 'Poland; Z.Sikorski, H.Polakowski- Military University of Technology; W.Sokotwski-The Warsaw Agricultural University 'Poland
Evaluation of tyre temperature distribution using fast scanning pyrometerH.Madura - Military University of Technology 'Poland; Z.Sikorski, H.Polakowski, M.Dabrowski-Military University of Technology Warsaw'Poland
An Information-Measuring System for an Acoustic Emission Signal Selection and ProcessingO. Bukhalo - Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 'Ukraine; B.Klym, G.Mykytyn, E.Pochapskiy, R Fedoriv-Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute 'Ukraine
 Study on a new type of microrobot for non-destructive testing of pipelineZhinan Mi - School of Mechatronics Engineering Shanghai University 'P. R. China; Z. Gong, J. Qian-School of Mechatronics Engineering Shanghai University 'P.R.China
3D System for Non Destructive Testing AnalysisF. Bettayeb - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; A.Bouzid, A.Bechket-University of Science and Technology U.S.T.H.B. (Algiers) 'Algeria
Elevated Frequencies in Eddy Currents - New Possibilities of Thin Surface Layer EvaluationV. Uchanin - Leotest-Medium Center 'Ukraine
Development of an Intelligent, Digitized High-speed, On-line Eddy Current Inspection EquipmentJunming Lin - Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd. 'P. R. China; Lin Chunming, Lin Fabing- Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd.; Chen Kaihui - Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
Development and Application of an Updated Eddy Current TesterJunming Lin - Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd. 'P. R. China; F. Lin, C. Lin - Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd.; J. Chen, K. Chen - Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
Probe characterisation and simulation of conductivityM. Zergoug - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; A.Hammouda, F.Sellidj, N. Boucherou, A.Haddad, S. Mebrek, A. Benchaala, G. Oussaid-CSC 'Algeria
Electromagnetic test equipment fully integrated in quality assurance by networksJ. Schröder - Institute Dr. Förster 'Germany; B. Lutz, M. Halter - Institute Dr. Förster 'Germany
On-Site Characterization of Ultrasonic ProbeP. Särkiniemi - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland
Development of Acoustic Emission Sensors with Required CharacteristicsA. Bazhenov - Russian Federal Nuclear Center-VNIIEF 'Russia; V.Yarovikov-RFNC- VNIIEF Sarov 'Russia
Electrical Method for Non-Destructive Testing of Working Surfaces of a Rolling SupportK. Podmasteryev - Orel State Technical University 'Russia
Calculation of Protective Shields Made of Lead Glass for X-Rays N.D.T. Industrial EquipmentJ. Reyes-Romero - Universidad Central de Venezuela 'Venezuela; A.M. Ghiordanescu-Universitatea din Bucuresti Fac. De Fizica 'Romania; B. Hurtado-Universidad Experimental Politecnica 'Luis Caballero Mejias Caracas 'Venezuela
 Novel Adaptive Receivers for Laser UltrasonicsM. Klein - Lasson Technologies 'USA; B.Pouet-Lasson Technologies Inc 'USA
The Design Scheme and Realization Method of Telecommunication Cable Fault Observation SystemKe Wang - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Yukuang Ma - Jilin University of Technology; Fengyie Hu - Changchun Inst. Of Post & Telecom. 'P.R. China
The Develop of Microscope Image Processing SystemFu Ping - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Wang Peihong-Daqing Manage Office Oil; Chen Hexinhg, Ma Yukuan-Jilin University of Technology 'P.R.China
The Machine Vision Recognizing System of Meteorological Meter DialFu Ping - Jilin University of Technology 'P. R. China; Ma Yukuan, Fu Weifang, Zao Jingrong-Jilin University of Technology 'P.R.China
Influence of liquid layer on the propagation of ultrasonic SAW on the rough surfaceV. Minialga - Kaunas University of Technology 'Lithuania; S. Sajauskas, N. Sajauskas - Kaunas University of Technology ' Lithuania
Design of a Novel detector for Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT)B. Wei - Chongqing University 'P. R. China; Wu Xian, Yingshong Pan - Chongqing University 'P.R. China
The State of the Art of Weld Seam Inspection on Pipes by Automated Ultrasonic System Using Special Composite TransducersE. Moreira - Confab Industrial S.A. 'Brasil; S.R.Pinto Ferreira, L.F.Martins de Oliveira-Confab Industrial S.A.'Brazil
Methods and Instrumentation - Radiography
Computed Radiography: The Future of Radiographic InspectionMorro F. - Fuji NDT Systems 'USA
Crucial Factor Affecting Film RadiographySingh R.P. - Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory 'India; E. Madhav Rao,T.Singh - D.M.R.L. 'India
Optimisation of screens used with linear acceleratorRigaud N. - EDF/SQR 'France; J.M.Tchilian-FRAMATOME Paris; J.P. Relet - FRAMATOME Saint Marcel 'France
Microfocus radiography by using Ready packed Kodak AA400 RollpackLottering A.A. - Polifin (Midland Factory) 'Rep. Of South Africa
Image Quality comparison of Digital Radiographic Systems for NDTWillems P. - AGFA NDT 'Belgium; B. Vaessen, P. Soltani-AGFA NDT Mortsel 'Belgium
Methods and Instrumentation - Digital Radiography
Imaging in Radiographic InspectionPuranik G.G. - Government of India, Min. of Defence 'India; N.J. Townsend - X Innovations Ltd., Bristol 'UK
Radioscopy - The Prevalent Inspection Technique of the Future!?Purschke M. - Rich.Seifert & Co. GmbH & Co KG 'Germany
Weld Quality Control by Radioscopy using 'Edge and Area' Segmentation MethodGueudre C. - Université de la Méditerranée 'France; J. Moysan, G. Corneloup-LCND IUT Université de la Méditerranée 'France
A New U-centric Radioscopy System for BGA and LSIIkeda Y. - Japan Fine Ceramics Center 'Japan; Y. Mizuta-Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Nagoya 'Japan; R. Hirashima-UNI-HITE Co.'Japan/Use Electronics Co. Ltd. 'Taiwan R.O.C.
Experiences with a Digital Radiographic System and Phosphor ScreensPedersen T.K. - Force Institute 'Denmark; L. Jeppesen, B.Larsen-Force Institute 'Denmark
Methods and instrumentation - X-Ray Tomography and Detectors
Radiography Testing with Flat Panel Type Image DetectorY. Ikeda - Japan Fine Ceramics Center 'Japan; Y. Mizuta-Japan Fine Ceramics Center; Y. Kinoshita-Japan Nondestructive Testing Co. 'Japan
Microfocus X-ray Computer Tomography in Materials ResearchM. Wevers - Katholiche Universiteit 'Belgium; P. de Meester- Dept. MTM; R. Swennen-Dept of Geology K.U.Leuven 'Belgium
Scintillator-photodiode detecting systems for two-level X-ray inspection systemsV.D. Ryzhikov - STC for Radiation Instruments, 'Ukraine; N.G.Starzhinskiy, L.Gal'chinetskii, D.N. Kozin; V.P. Sochin, , N.E.K.Lisetskaya, V.M. Svishch, A.D. Opolonin-STC for Radiation Instruments, Concern Institute for Single Crystal 'Ukraine
Review of Film System Technology - State of the ArtBart J.L.H. Vaessen - AGFA Gevaert Nv 'Belgium
Practical Application of X-Ray Diffraction ImagingK.G. Lipetzky - John Hopkins University 'USA; R. E. Green Jr.-John Hopkins University Baltimore 'USA
Methods and Instrumentation - Radiography: Film and other Detectors
CCD Based High Energy Large Field X-ray Digital Radiographic SystemM. Antonakios - LETI (CEA - Technologies Avancées) 'France; V. Lapouge, Rizo-LETI (CEA-Technologies Avancées) Grenoble 'France
 Advances in Radioscopic Inspection of piping for Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)D.O. Hall - L&W Research, Inc. 'USA; K. Coleman, ASCG Inspection, Inc. 'USA
High Resolution Digital Flat-Panel X-Ray Detector- Performance and NDT ApplicationsJ_M. Casagrande - Thomson Tubes Electroniques 'France; A.Koch, B.Munier, P.De Groot-Thomson Tubes Electroniques Moirans 'France
Automatic Wall Thickness Estimation on Insulated Pipes Using Digital RadiographyH. Thiele - AMI Advanced Mobile Imaging GmbH 'Germany; Hans-Jürgen Friemel - AMI Advanced Mobile Imaging GmbH 'Germany
Advanced, Second Generation Selenium-75 Gamma Radiography SourcesM. Shilton - AEA Technology QSA 'United Kingdom
ISO 3999 (2000) - Radiation Protection Apparatus for Industrial Gamma Radiography in Transition to the 3rd MillenniumC. Laduron - MDS Nordion S.A. 'Belgium; V. Vander, V. Meurisse - MDS Nordion Industrial Radiography 'Belgium; R. Grimm, K. Weinlich - MDS Nordion Haan GmbH 'Germany
Methods and Instrumentation - Radiography: Applications
 An automated Gauge for Measuring radial density distribution of high explosive Cylinders by Gamma-Ray Attenuation methodY. Tian - Institute of Chemical Materials of CAEP 'P. R. China; Li Gaoqiang, Wen Maoping, Zu Min, Zhou Jiancheng - Institute of Chemical Materials of CAEP 'P.R. China
 Semi-Conductor Detector for X-Ray and Gamma Ray RadiographyF. Glasser - C.E.A. (Atomic Energy Commission) / DTA/LETI 'France; L. Verger, M. Arques -C.E.A. (Atomic Energy Commission) / DTA/LETI 'France
 Qualitative Specificity and Agent Analyzing for X-ray real-time ImagingZ. XiangZhao - Yuehai Steel Container Plant 'P. R. China
SAFER Radiography - A New ProcessM. Wass - SafeRad Ltd. 'United Kingdom
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic
Development of Automatic Ultrasonic testing Method Using Super High Speed Zigzag Scanning TechniqueI. Hoshino - Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. 'Japan; M.Saka - Tohoku University; J.Nishio, K.Fujisawa, R. Murayama - Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. 'Japan
Ultrasonic inspection of high strained component parts in hazardous areas with intrinsically safe flaw detectorR. Dix - DMT Gmbh 'Germany; J. Büchler - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
Path Controlled Contour Following for Ultrasonic Imaging of Complex Shaped Composite ComponentsD.J. Cotter - Panametrics Inc. 'USA; Jennifer E. Michaels, Thomas E. Michaels, Igor V. Ivanenko, Daniel Kass-Panametrics Inc. Waltham 'USA
FFreshex: A combined System for Ultrasonic and X-Ray Inspection of weldsO. Dupuis - INSA, Laboratoire CNDRI 'France; V.Kaftandjian-INSA CNDRI 'France; S.Drake-Ois Engineering Ltd. 'UK; A.Hansen-Robit As.'Norway; J.M.Casagrande-Thomson Tubes Electroniques 'France
History of NDT-InstrumentationV. Deutsch - Karl Deutsch 'Germany
Visualization of Ultrasonic Waves and its Application to Non-destructive InspectionJ. Takatsubo - Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute 'Japan; M. Imade, S. Yamamoto - Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute 'Japan
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Equipment
Development of Ultrasonic Measurement Device for the Sagging of Calandria Tubes and Liquid Injection Shutdown System TubesChul HoonPark - Research Institute of KAITEC 'South Korea; Jong Po Lee, Hyung Taik Lim, Byung Guk Um - KAITEC Research Institute 'Korea; Tae Ryong Kim, Suk Man Son, Jun Shin Lee - KEPRI Korea Electric Power Corp. 'Korea
 Multichannel Ultrasonic Imaging System ULTIMA 100M8 for NDE of Fabricated PartsV.H. Patankar - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India; S.R. More, A.A. Agashe, P.Jyothi, V.M. Joshi-Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India
HIC and Steel Cleanliness InspectionJ. Staudt - AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke 'Germany; U.Sauer-Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
Automated Ultrasonic InspectionW.A. Deutsch - Karl Deutsch Instrument and systems for NDT 'Germany
Procedures of Ultrasonic Testing Based on Digital TechniquesW. Michnowski - Zaklad Badan Materialów ULTRA 'Poland; J. Mierzwa -Zaklad Badan Materialów ULTRA 'Poland
Portable Workstation for Ultrasonic Weld InspectionG. Passi - Sonotron NDT 'Israel; M. Berke, W.-D. Kleinert, J.Reinersmann, U. Schlengerman, K. Volkmann-Krautkramer 'Germany; M. Kritsky, V. Moshkovich, A. passi-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
Modular System for Custom tailored Ultrasonic InspectionS. Schulz - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; K.Volkmann-Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
PC Controlled Automatic Systems for Thickness Gauging with UltrasoundK. Volkmann - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; S.Schulz-Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
High Precision Coating Measurement with UltrasoundJ. Büchler - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; T.Pagel - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
Ultrasonic Tomography of Objects with Non-Planar BoundariesR. Kazys - Studentu Str. 50, LT-3031 Kaunas 'Lithuania; L. Mazeika, E. Jasiunienè - Kaunas University of Technology 'Lithuania
Endoscan 2: A New UT Cable Tool for Gas Line InspectionL. Lebourgeois - Intercontrole 'France; F. Veyretout - Gaz de France, Gennevilliers 'France
New Equipment for Ultrasonic Testing of Heavy Plates - 100% coverage of Plate Body with Additional 100% Testing of the Plate EdgesJ. Schröder - Mannesmannröhren Mülheim GmbH 'Germany; H-J.Bäthmann, H.Siegel, K.-D.Grumbach-Mannesmannröhren Mülheim GmbH 'Germany
Ultrasonic NDT of Engine Valves with Surface Acoustic WavesI. Solodov - IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany; R. Stoessel, N. Krohn, G. Busse-University of Stuttgart IKP; A.Brozeit, Ju Weber-Polytec GmbH Walbronn; H. Richter-CeramTec AG, Plochingen 'Germany
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Equipment and Probe parameters
The Development and Application of Single Crystal Creeping Wave Probe with Line-focusingZ. Kaisheng - Baoji Non-ferrous Metals Works 'P. R. China; Peng Yingqiu-Nanchang Inst. Of Aeronautica Tech., Chen Yucheng-Baoji Non-ferrous Metals Works, Baoji 'P.R. China
Advances in Ultrasonic transducer DevelopmentH.H.J. Huynen - Röntgen Technische Dienst bv 'The Netherlands; F.H. Dijkstra, T. Bouma-Rontgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam, 'The Netherlands; H. Wüstenberg-BAM 'Germany
Application related evaluation of ultrasonic probesW. Roye - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; U.Schlengermann-Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany
Ultrasonic technique for Vibration MeasurementsR. Kazys - Studentu Str. 50, LT-3031 Kaunas 'Lithuania; R. Sliteris; L. Mazeika - Kaunas University of Technology 'Lithuania
Measurements on extent and quantity of ultrasonic angle beam probe index point variability with inspected materialH. Myöhänen - Huber testing OY 'Finland; Matti Ruha-Huber Testing Oy 'Finland
Ultrasonic Chain Influence on the Materials Non Destructive TestingA.Badidi Bouda - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; K.Alem, R.Matoug, A.Benchaala-C.S.C 'Algeria
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Probes and coupling
High Speed Large Area Scanning using air-coupled ultrasoundJ. Strycek - QMI INC. 'USA; H.Loertscher - QMI Inc. Costa Mesa 'USA; S.Starman - Starmans Electronics Praha 'Czech Rep.
Squirter, Roller Probe, and Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducer Techniques for Low Frequency Inspection of Advanced Composites MaterialsD.J. Cotter - Panametrics Inc. 'USA; Thomas E. Michaels, Jennifer E. Michaels, Daniel Kass, Matthew E., E. Stanton, Igor V. Kosenko, Frederick H.C. Hotchkiss-Panametrics Inc. Waltham 'USA
Novel Solid Contact Ultrasonic Couplants Based on Hydrophilic PolymersS. Bourne - Sonatest PLC 'United Kingdom; M. Newborough, D. Highgate - Cranfield University 'UK
Air-coupled Ultrasound - A Millennial ReviewJ.M. Buckley - Sonatest PLC 'United Kingdom
Ultrasonic Sensors for high temperature Molten ProcessesK. Balasubramaniam - Missippi State University 'USA; G. Boudreaux-Missisipi State University 'USA
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) Design Evaluation of their PerformancesS. Aliovane - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; M.Hassam, A. Badidi Bouda, A. Benchaala-C.S.C. 'Algeria
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Signal Processing and Defect Characterisation
Experimental Wavelet Analysis and Applications to Ultrasonic Non-destructive EvaluationK. Park - Research Institute of NDE Technology 'South Korea; U.S.Park, H.K. Ahn-Research Institute of NDE Technology Seoul National University; J.W. Byeon, S.I.Kwun- Korea University 'Korea
Signal Processing for Ultrasonic Testing of Material with Coarse StructureT. Stepinski - Uppsala University 'Sweden; L. Ericsson-Uppsala University 'Sweden
Automatic Defect Characterisation in Ultrasonic NDTT. Stepinski - Uppsala University 'Sweden; F.Lingvall-Uppsala University 'Sweden
Ultrasonic Tomography of closely spaced defectsS.K. Rathore - Indian Institute of Technology 'India; S.K.Singhal, N.N.Kishore, P.Munshi - Indian Institute of Technology 'India
New Way for Utilizing DGS TechnologyK. Volkmann - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; M. Berke, W.-D.Kleinert, J. Reinersmann, U. Schlengerman-Krautkramer GmbH 'Germany; M. Kritsky, A.Passi, G. Passi-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
Comparative Analysis of the Ways to Increase Signal to Noise Ratio at NDT Inspection of Austenitic WeldsV.V. Grebennikov - SPC ECHO 'Russia; V.G. Badalyan, D.V. Grebennikov,A.K. Vopilkine-SPC ECHO+ 'Russia
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Phased Array Application
Ultrasonic Inspection technique using multi-element probes (phased array): application to tube inspectionB. Bisiaux - Setval - Centre de Recherche Vallourec 'France
Special linear phased array probes used for ultrasonic examination of complex turbine componentsJ. Poguet - IMASONIC 'France; G.Fleury-IMASONIC 'France; P.Ciorau - Ontario Power Generation 'Canada
Ultrasonic Testing Using Phased ArraysJ.W. Anderson - Krautkrämer Branson 'USA; Paul A. Mayer-Krautkrämer Branson, Lewistown 'USA
Scanning Modes at the Application of Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection SystemsH. Wüstenberg - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; A. Erhard, G. Schenk - BAM 'Germany
Mechanized Inspection of Girth Welds using Ultrasonic Phased ArraysN. Dubé - R/D Tech 'Canada; M. Moles-R/D Tech Mississauga, Ed Ginzel-Materials Research Institute, Waterloo 'Canada; M.Russell-MR Consulting Nottingham 'UK
Adaptive Inspection of Component of Complex Geometry with a Flexible Phased Array ProbeS. Mahaut - CEA/CEREM 'France; O.Roy, S.Chatillon-CEA/CEREM Saclay 'France
 Industrial Inspections using Ultrasonic Phased ArraysM. Moles - R/D Tech 'Canada; F.Cancre-R/D Tech 'Canada; R.Ward-R/D Tech 'USA; A.Lamarre-R/D Tech 'Canada
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Applications
Ultrasonic Measurement of Saggings of Calandria Tubes and Liquid Injection Shutdown System Tubes Using Newly Developed DeviceJ. Po Lee - Research Institute of KAITEC 'South Korea; Tae Ryong Kim, Suk Man Son, Jun Shin Leee - KEPRI Kepko 'Korea; Chul Hoon Park, Keum Chong Joo, Byung Guk Um - KAITEC Research Institute 'Korea
Progress in Spotweld Test and Classification toolsS. Rabinovich - Scan Master Systems Ltd. 'Israel; K. Jassby, O. Livni, R. Aharoni-ScanMaster Systems ltd. 'Israel
A Computer Based Methodology for Better Welding QualityF. Bettayeb - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; A.Benchaâla-C.S.C.; R.Ben Raghda-University of Bab Ezzouar-USTHB 'Algeria
Indigenous Development of Automatic Ultrasonic Test SystemsS.V. Swamy - Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India; M.K.Yadav, R.K.Srivastava, N.Saratchandran-Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India
 Ultrasonic Evaluation of SpotweldsS.A. Ciccone - Panametrics Inc. 'USA; R. Minkwitz, E. Sandahl, R. Giardino,T. Nelligan, M. Stanton - Panametrics Inc. Waltham 'USA
Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection at 170°C - The TRAKIT SystemJ. Quirk's - Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd. 'United Kingdom
High Speed UT Data Acquisition with 500 MHz Sampling RateC.Broere - NUSON Inspection Services 'The Netherlands; R.Krutzen-NUSON Inspection Services 'The Netherlands
Methods and Instrumentation - Ultrasonic: Crack detection and TOFD
Equipment Condition Monitoring using TOFD. - Experiences at DSMA.Scheerder - DSM Engineering - Stamicarbon 'The Netherlands
Advances in TOFD InspectionS.J. de Geus - Röntgen Technische Dienst bv 'The Netherlands; F.H.Dijkstra, T. Bouma-Röntgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam 'The Netherlands
Ultrasonic Crack Detection TrialsT.H. Fauske - STATOIL 'Norway; P. Dalberg, A. Hansen - CorrOcean ASA 'Norway
Advantages and Limitations of TOFD Technique in Casting InspectionI. Dukic' - Matkonerg d.o.o. 'Slovenia; P. Dukic - Matkonerg 'Slovenia
Accuracy Capability of TOFD Technique in Ultrasonic Examination of WeldsF. Betti - Nuovo Pignone 'Italy; G.Zappavigna, G.Pedrinzani - Nuovo Pignone Massa; G.Nardoni, P.Nardoni-I&T Nardoni Institute 'Italy
Methods and Instrumentation - Penetrant and Eddy Current
A novel Surface Eddy Current probe with Phase Information on Surface Flaw DepthH. Hoshikawa - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology 'Japan; K.Koyama, H. Karasawa - Nihon University 'Japan
Investigation of Eddy Current Testing of Weld Zone by Uniform Eddy Current ProbeK. Koyama - Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology 'Japan; H.Hoshikawa, N.Taniyama - Nihon University 'Japan
Penetrant Testing, Does it have a future?D. Lovejoy - NDT Magtronics 'United Kingdom
Problem of penetrant-developer contact during penetrant inspection procedureN.P. Migoun - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; P. Prokhorenko, S. Chizh - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus
Thermal effects influence upon penetrant testing sensitivityN.P. Migoun - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus; P. Prokhorenko, A. Gnusin - Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Belarus 'Belarus
Displaying Complex (Eddy Current) Data Utilizing Colour-Coded SignalsM. O'Connor - Eddy Current Technology Incorporated 'USA
 Penetrants / The New ApproachM.L. Kazakevich - Institute of Physical Chemistry (SE 'Koloran') 'Ukraine 'Ukraine
Methods and Instrumentation - Eddy Current
Essential Variables in ETT. Stepinski - Uppsala University, Signals and Systems 'Sweden
Eddy Current Inner Control of Amagnetic Pipes Using the Rotating Magnetic FieldR. Grimberg - National Institute of Technical Physics 'Romania; D. Premel-Ecole Normale Superieure de Chachan, France; A. Savin, S. Chifan-National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics 'Romania
Integrated giant magnetoresistive transducer for eddy current testingT. Dogaru - University of North Carolina/Charlotte 'USA; S.T.Smith-University of North Carolina/Charlotte 'USA
Development and Application of Sound Pulse and Multi-frequency Eddy Current EquipmentZ.J. Dong - Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint venture Co. Ltd. 'P. R. China; Tao Yuchun- Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint venture Co. Ltd.; Lin Junming- Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
Hot Wire Inspection using Eddy CurrentJ.S. Bae - Pohang Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (POSCO) 'South Korea; S.Y. Kim-Southwest Research Institute 'USA
Eddy Current Application for Non Destructive Test in Light Metal IndustryV.I.N. Leopoulos - National Technical University of Athens 'Greece; A. Georgiou- National Technical University of Athens 'Greece
Methods and Instrumentation - Acoustic Emission
Wigner Spectrum as Powerful Tool for Description of Acoustic Emission Hit Generated from Ceramic Structures upon Bend LoadL. Pazdera - Technical University of Brno 'Czech Republic
Identification and Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals by Cohen's Class of Time Frequency DistributionL. Pazdera - Technical University of Brno 'Czech Republic; J.Smutny - TU Brno 'Czech Republic
Poisson Temporal Processes in Acoustic Emission TestsM.I. López Pumarega - ENDE, Centro Atomico Constituyentes, Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica 'Argentina; M. Armeite - ENDE C.N.E.A.; J.E. Ruzzante - ENDE C.N.E.A/Universidad Tecnologica Nacional; L.V. Pérez - UNSAM 'Argentina
Threshold Independent AE TestingH. Vallen - Vallen-Systeme GmbH 'Germany; J.Forker-Vallen-Systeme GmbH 'Germany; J. von Stebut-Ecole des Mines 'France
Modern Acoustic Emission Monitoring SystemsBelov V. - Eltest Ltd. 'Russia; M.Podlevskikh-Eltest Ltd. 'Russia
 Spectral and LPC Analysis of Acoustic Emission SignalsN. Goldfine - Electronics Research and Development Centre 'India
Application of Acoustic Emission Method for Materials, Processes and Technologies MonitoringS.A. Nikulin - Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (MSISA) 'Russia; V.G. Khanzhin, A.B. Rojnov-Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (MSISA) 'Russia
Methods and Instrumentation - MT and Applications
 Non-destructive Testing using the 'RAID' SystemJ.M. Webster - John Webster Associates 'USA; Dr. T. Thevar, T. Schmidt, M. Sayfutimov
The Non-destructive Evaluation Method for Far-side Corrosive Type Flaws in Steel Plates Using Magnetic Flux Leakage TechniqueK. Sekine - Yokohama National University 'Japan; N.Kasai - Yokohama National University, Yokohama; H.Maruyama - Japan National Oil Corporation-Tokyo, 'Japan
Monitoring AC-Yokes by using the Ht-, B*-, DI/I- and the Twin Induction methodsT. Aastroem - Pohjola Non-Life Insurance Company Ltd. 'Finland
A Comparison of the Magnetic Flux Leakage and Ultrasonic Methods in the detection and measurement of corrosion pitting in ferrous plate and pipeA. Marino - Procontrol S.r.l. 'Italy; J.C. Drury-Silverwing Ltd 'UK
New Portable Pipe Wall Thickness Measuring TechniqueJ.E. Pascente - Lixi, Inc. 'USA
Methods and Instrumentation - Electromagnetic Methods
New Applications of Electromagnetic Techniques in NDT InspectionsJ. Guerra - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; J. Vasquez - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain
Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials using Free-Space Microwave Measurement TechniquesD.K. Ghodgaonkar - MARA University of Technology 'Malaysia; Luigi Giubbolini-IRITI-CNR Polytechnic of Turin 'Italy; Nor Azlin Ali - MARA University Selangor 'Malaysia
Several Year Experience of Fully Automated and Calibratable Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant SystemsK.Abend - Tiede GmbH - Co. Rissprüfanlagen 'Germany
Eddy Current Measurements with a high spatial resolution SQUID systemM. von Kreutzbruck - University of Giessen 'Germany; M. Mueck, F. Gruhl, C. Heiden - IAP Giessen 'Germany
Holographic Approach to Multifrequency Microwave Methods of Dielectric Material NDEO. Drobakhin - Dniepropetrovsk State University 'Ukraine
 Raise of an Exactitude of a Detection of Concentrators of Voltages with Use of a Method of Magnetic MemoryA.N. Rudakov - Dniepropetrovsk State University 'Ukraine; A.A. Dubov-Energodiagnistika NPO 'Russia; M.P. Valenttin, V.A. Mozgovoy-Dniepropetrovsk State University 'Ukraine
Case Studies of Buried Anomaly by Ground Penetrating RadarJ. Hahn - Korea Telecom 'South Korea; K-C.Choi- Korea Telecom 'Korea
Methods and Instrumentation - MT and Low Frequency Current
Inspection of Defects on the Roll Surface Using AC Magnetic Flux Leakage MethodZ. S. Lim - Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology 'South Korea; Derac Son-Physics Dept. Hannam University 'Korea
Handling of serial products for the magnetic particle crack detectionW. Weber - Karl Deutsch 'Germany
 Development of a New Powerful Multifunctional magnetic Particle flaw detectorG. Yusheng - Jiangsu Sheyang Radio Factory 'P. R. China
The Development of Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) Technology as a Technique for the Detection of Surface Breaking Defects in Conducting Materials and its Use in Commercial and Industrial ApplicationsA. Raine - TSC Inspection Systems Limited 'United Kingdom
Electromagnetic Device for Recovery of Electric Conductivity Profile in Layered Flat and Tubular ProductsC. Gonzalez - Universidad Central de Venezuela 'Venezuela
AAPI Magnetic Field Sensor and its Application in NDTH. Zhang - Tsinghua University 'P. R. China; Hejun Li -Shenzhen Huawei technology Co. Ltd. 'P.R.China
Methods and Instrumentation - Special NDT Methods
A Quantitative Method for Determining the Flaw Size in the StructureDing Keqin - National Center of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection & Research 'P. R. China; Fu Huimin, Liu Dengdi-Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics 'P.R.China
 Pore size distribution Non-Destructive evaluation by Nuclear Magnetic resonanceM. Alesiani - University of Roma 'La Sapienza' 'Italy; Bruno Maraviglia, Silvia Capuani, Laura Mancini
Selective Damage Detection of shape Adaptive structureN. Krohn - IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany; A. Dillenz, R. Stoessel, K.Pfleiderer, G. Busse-IKP University of Stuttgart 'Germany
Suppressing of Antisymmetric Mode using Superposition of Lamb Waves Generated by two Laser Beams in a Thin PlateS.S. Lee - Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science 'South Korea; S.W. Dho, Y.G. kim, Sekyoung Lee, B.Y. Ahn-Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science 'Korea
Optical fibres for in situ monitoring the damage development in compositesM. Wevers - Katholiche Universiteit 'Belgium; L. Rippert-Dept MTM KU Leuven; Sabrine Van Huffel-Dept. of Electrical Engineering KU Leuven 'Belgium
Search Means Based on the Methods of IntroscopyA.V. Kovalev - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; I.Y. Pushkina-ZAO MSIA Spectrum 'Russia
 High Sensitive Laser Gas Analyzer - A New ApproachV. Gamaliy - Kirovograd Technical University 'Ukraine; M.V. Gamaliy-Pedagogical University; O.G. Telenkova - Technical University 'Ukraine
 Control of Physical and Chemical Parameters of mountain Breeds on Conveyor by Nuclear-Physical MethodsA.A. Azaryan - Electrical Engineering Dept. 'Ukraine
Failure analysis of a Cross country line pipe using 'CTOD' concept - A case studyS. Bhattacharya - Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. 'India; Kannan C., Mohapatra S.B., Makhija S.- R&D Centre, Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. 'India
Lamb Wave Analysis of Acousto-Ultrasonic Signals in PlateLiu Zhenqing - Tongji University 'P. R. China
New Technique for the Evaluation of Delaminations on Low-Cost Natural Fibers Composite LaminatesC. Caneva - Università Di Roma 'La Sapienza' 'Italy; G. Briotti, C. Scarponi, M. Valente-Univ. La Sapienza Roma 'Italy
Full-field Thermoelasticity: A New Generation of an Optical Method Showing Directly the Effects Produced by Mechanical StrainsM. Honlet - Honlet Optical Systems GmbH 'Germany; B.R. Boyce - Honlet Optical Systems GmbH 'Germany
Methods and Instrumentation - NDT for material properties
Scanning Electron Microscope, A valuable NDT MethodP. Dick - NDT CONSULTANT 'USA
Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Method for Failed Rod Detection Based on Neural NetworkW.C.A. Pereira - Biomedical Eng. Program-Coppe - Federal University of Rio De Janeiro 'Brasil; Z.D.Thome, J.M. Seixas, W. Soares-Filho-IPqM Brazilian Navy Research Inst., M.C. Bossan - Federal University of Rio De Janeiro 'Brasil
Acoustoelastic Measurement of Bolt Axial Load with Velocity Ratio MethodH. Yasui - Toyota Motor Corporation 'Japan; K.Kawashima - Nagoya Institute of Technology 'Japan
The Integrated Acousto-Optic Sensor for Quality Control of Layered StructuresM. Wevers - Katholiche Universiteit 'Belgium; P. de Meester- Dept. MTM K.U.Leuven; O. Leroy- K.U. Interdisciplinary Research Centre Kulak Kortrijk 'Belgium
Current directions of Ultrasonic Stress Mesaurement TechniquesDon E. Bray - Don E. Bray Inc. 'USA
Principle and Applications of Practical Shear Wave Lens at Low frequencies for Scanning Acoustic MicroscopyC. Miyasaka - The Pennsylvania State University 'USA; B.R. Tittmann - The Pennsylvania State University 'USA

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