15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Nuclear Industry
Gas Leakage Test Using Helium Leak Detector EquipmentO.S. Orlando - Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica 'Argentina
Role of NDT in condition based maintenance of nuclear power plant componentsP. Trampus - International Atomic Energy Agency 'Austria; M. Davies-LMD Consultancy 'U.K.; B. Gueorguiev - IAEA 'Austria
Evaluation of Large Sized Radioisotopes Source Storage and Transport Containers by NDT TechniquesT.K. Jayakumar - Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology (BRIT) 'India; S.Singh, Prasanna Rao - BRIT; Y.S. Mayya - EAD Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India
Neutron fluence effects on the magnetic parameter changes in SA508 Cl.3 forging and weldKee-Ok Chang - Korea Atomic Energy research Institute (KAERI) 'South Korea; Se-Hwan Chi, Byoung-Chul Kim, Cheul-Muu Sim, Sam-Lai Lee - Korea Atomic Energy research Institute (KAERI) 'Korea
Development of the GOLDFISH ROV-NDT ManipulatorM. Wendel - Westinghouse Atom TRC 'Sweden
Ultrasonic Phased Array technique for Austenitic Weld InspectionA. Erhard - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; G. Schenk, W. Möhrle, H. -J. Montag, H.Wüstenberg - BAM 'Germany
Steam Generator Tube Inspection - 20 Years Alstom Experience and now?D. Caston - ALSTOM/ISS/CND 'France
Application of Transmission Tomography to Nuclear Waste ManagementPh. Rizo - LETI (CEA - Technologies Avancées) 'France; Ch. Robert-Coutant, V. Moulin, R. Sauze, M. Antonakios-LETI (CEA - Technologies Avancées) 'France
Ultrasonic Inspections of Reactor Pressure Vessels in SlovakiaV. Chmelik - Reaktortest Ltd. Trnava 'Slovak Republic; G. Engl - Siemens NDT 'Germany
 Development of Ultrasonic Testing Techniques for Characterization of service Induced Flaws in Zirconium Alloy Pressure TubesJ.L. Singh - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre 'India; P.M. Ouseph, A.B. Tambane, K.C. Sahoo, D.S.C. Purushotham 'India
Eddy Current Test of Laser welds on AISI 316 LN Cover Plates of ITER Toroidal Field Model CoilR. Vesprini - ENEA Centro Ricerche Casaccia 'Italy; P. Varone, A. Tatì, M.Ghidi - ENEA INN-TEC; E.Visca - ERG-FUS 'Italy
AUT System for Core Shroud Weld InspectionHung-Fa Shyu - Institute of Nuclear Energy Research 'Taiwan R.O.C.; Chie-Cheng Shieh-Institute of Nuclear Energy Research 'Taiwan ROC
A New Advanced Multitechnique Data Fusion Algorithm for NDTN. Francois - EDF (Electricité de France) 'France
Quantitative Profiling of Internal Weld Contours through VideoimagescopyB. Venkatraman - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India; V. Manoharan, T. Jayakumar, P. Kalyanasundaram - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
Structural Integrity Assessment of Ring Beam of a Pressurized Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor Using Impact-Echo TechniqueA. Kumar - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India; M. Thavasimuthu, T. Jayakumar, P. Kalyanasundaram, B. Raj - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
Development of Intelligent Database Program for Pre-/In Service Inspection Data Management in Nuclear Power PlantsUn Su Park - Seoul National University of Technology 'South Korea; I.K.Park, Seoul National University of Technology; B.G. Um, J.P.Lee-KAITEC; M.H.Park- KPS; K.S.Jang- KEPRI 'Korea
Tomographical Methods of Crack Detection for Components of Nuclear Power IndustryU. Ewert - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Laboratory VIII.31 'Germany; V.A. Baranov - Institute of Introscopy, Tomsk 'Russia; B. Redmer, Y. Onel - BAM 'Germany
From Technical Specification to Examination results: The Story of Qualification for Belgian RPV InspectionD. Couplet - Tractebel Energy Engineering 'Belgium; T. Françoise-Intercontrole 'France
A New Generation of Steam Generator InspectionsR. Lévy - Intercontrole/Framatome 'France; A. Bouchinet - Intercontrole/Framatome 'France
Characterization of Crack-Like Sub-Surface Defect Located in Nuclear Reactor Core RegionL.Hernandez - Intercontrole 'France; J.C. Barbant, Ph. Bastin, T. Pasquier - Intercontrole Rungis Cedex 'France
Extension of French Methodology and Technology to the Inspection of VVR Steam GeneratorsR. Lévy - Intercontrole/Framatome 'France
Detection of Thermal Fatigue Cracks in Stainless Steel Pipe: Application to the Inspection of RHRS line of Type N4 PWR reactorY. Bouveret - Framatome 'France; J_M. Tchilian - FRAMATOME Paris; G.Theron-EDF/SQR Evry Cedex; O. de Vareilles - Intercontrole Rungis Cedex 'France
Determination of Acceptance Criteria for V VER Steam Generator Tubes Based on Application of Advanced Eddy Current TechniquesD. Stanic' - INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology 'Croatia
Eddy-Current Testing of Heat Exchanging Tubes of the NPS Steam GeneratorsP. Shkatov - Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering & Computer Science 'Russia; V. Kolinchenko - MSAIECS Moscow; N. Averin - Intourbank Moscow 'Russia
 Non-Destructive Examination of SiC Nuclear Fuel Shell Using X-Ray Fluorescence Microtomography TechniqueM. Naghedolfeizi - Fort Valley State University 'USA; G. E. Ice - Oak Ridge National Laboratory; C.J. McHargue - University of Tennessee Knoxville 'USA
Condition Monitoring of the Electric Circuit Elements of the Nuclear Reactor Measuring ChannelsS. Basharin - Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University 'Russia; V. Danilenko, A. Pankin-Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University 'Russia
Role of Non-Destructive Testing during Manufacture of Zircaloy Structurals and Nuclear Fuel for Power Reactors in IndiaN. Saratchandran - Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India; S.V.Swamy, R.K.Srivastava, B. Laxminarayana, M.Suryaprakash, C. Ganguly-Nuclear Fuel Complex Hyderabad 'India
Ultrasonic Inspection of Reactor Pressure Vessel from Outside Surface, Qualification and Assessment of Inspection at LOVIISA NPPB. Elsing - Fortum Power and Heat Ltd. 'Finland; J.Pitkänen, P.Särkiniemi, H.Jeskanen -VTT Manufacturing Technology; R.Paussu -Fortum Engineering Ltd. 'Finland
Development and Application of the First In-Service Inspection Machine for the Pressure Reactor Vessel in ChinaRong Zhu - Research Inst. of Nuclear Power Operation 'P. R. China
Qualification of Manufacturing NDT Inspection Techniques for Nuclear Power PlantsJ_M. Tchilian - Framatome 'France; M.Duff-AEA Technology 'UK; P.Lemaitre-JRC Petten 'The Netherlands; B.Sheperd-MITSUI Babcock; J. Wessels-Siemens KWU 'Germany
Detection of gross and Fine Leaks in Nuclear Fuel ElementsI. Loktev - Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Inc. 'Russia; V. V. Rozhkov, A.B. Aleksandrov, I. G. Chapaev - Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Inc. (NZHK) 'Russia
The Ultrasonic Testing System applications at the Russian NPP with the Coherent Data Treatment 'AUGUR'A.K. Vopilkine - Scientific and Production Center ECHO+ 'Russia; V. G. Badalyan-Scientific and Production Center ECHO+ 'Russia
Automated system with an optimum speed non-destructive testing of steam generator and condenser pipesV.V. Chegodaev - Obninsk Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering 'Russia
Application of Advanced Ultrasonic Technique Vs. ASME Code Experience of Kozloduy NPP, Unit #1 RPV ExaminationsM. Cvitanovic' - INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology 'Croatia; V. Zado - INETEC-Institute for nuclear Technology 'Croatia; Ivo Alexandrov, S. Sabinov, V. Nichev - Kozlduy NPP 'Bulgaria
Use of Montecarlo Method as a Tool for Risk Evaluation for Application of Various Plugging Criteria on Water Steam GeneratorsB. Nadinic' - INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology 'Croatia
Digital X-ray TV System in serial production inspection of weldsA. Kuznetsov - PJSCo Mashinostroitelny zavod, Electrostal 'Russia; V. Mezhuev, A. Achmetov, A. Kruteev - PJSCo Mashinostroitelny zavod, Electrostal 'Russia
 Reduce Dose Rates by Efficient Use of Automated Ultrasonic InspectionH.O. Olsen - Force Institute 'Denmark; P.B.Hansen, L.Jeppesen - Force Institute 'Denmark
Experiences with Qualification of NDE Systems according to ENIQ-recommended Content for a Technical JustificationK.V. Rasmussen - Force Institute 'Denmark; H.O.Olsen, L.Jeppesen-Force Institute 'Denmark
Non-Destructive Tests Means at NCCP Inc. During Nuclear Fuel Fabrication for Multipurpose ReactorsV.V. Rozhkov - Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Inc. 'Russia; Y.K.Karlov, Y.A.Zhukov, V.I.Makarov - Novosibirisk Chemical Concentrates Plant Inc.' Russia

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