15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Industrial Plants and Structures
 Non-Destructive Testing Method and Technique Selection for Installed Heat Exchanger and Boiler TubesAkhter J. - SABIC R&D 'Saudi Arabia
Failure of the transfer line in ammonia Plant and remedial MeasuresA. Vankayala - KRISHAK BHARATI COOP. LTD. 'India
An Ultrasonic probe for NDT Inspection of fuel Assembly used in Nuclear Power Plant reactorsJ.C. Machado - Coppe-Federal University of Rio De Janeiro 'Brasil; Z.D.Thomé, A.J. Xavier, J.C.A.C.R. Soares-COPPE/UFRJ 'Brasil; W.G. Silva-UFRN 'Brasil
In-situ examination of ABB l-0 blade roots and rotor steeple of low-pressure steam turbine, using phased array technologyCiorau P. - Ontario Power Generatio Inc. 'Canada; D.MacGillivray, L.Gilham, T.Hazelton - Ontario Power Generation, Pickering; D. Craig-O.P.G.I., Darlington 'Canada; J.Poguet - Imasonic, Besançon 'France
The Influence of Intermittent Operation on the Life of the High Pressure Steam Duct of a Recovery BoilerD'Ambros L. - LABORELEC 'Belgium
Non-Destructive Testing of Load-Carrying Metalworks of Objects which have Completed their TermsV.A. Kulish - State Scientific Research & design Institute 'UkrNIIproekt' Acad. 'Ukraine 'Ukraine; E.S. Krylov - State Scientific Research & Design Institute UkrNIIproekt 'Ukraine
Evaluating the condition & remaining life of older power plantsEyekmans M. - LABORELEC 'Belgium; C.Laire, L. D'Ambros - Laborelec 'Belgium
Non-destructive Testing and technical diagnostics of Oil & Gas Equipment and ToolsO. Karpash - Research and Production Company Zond 'Ukraine; P.Krinichny, K.Ludmila - RPC Zond 'Ukraine
Acoustic Emission Detection of Underground Pipeline LeakageS. Liu - Tsinghua University 'P. R. China; L.Li, JianCui, Tie Li - Tsinghua Univ.; B.Li - Center of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Research 'P.R. China
Condition Monitoring of Inaccessible PipingC.H.P. Wassink - Röntgen Technische Dienst bv 'The Netherlands; M.A. Robers, J.A. de Raad, T. Bouma-Röntgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam 'The Netherlands
Development and Implementation of Reliability centered Maintenance using Vibration Analysis: Experiences at Rourkela Steel PlantS. Parida - R&D Center for Iron and Steel, SAIL 'India; S.Vanam, V.S.Vishwanath -CMMS/CBMS Dept. Rourkela Steel Plant SAIL; N.R.Kotu, M. M. Prasad - R&D Center for Iron and Steel SAIL 'India
Mexican experience using software administrator of Thickness dataA. Lara Cruz - Llog, s.a. de c.v. 'Mexico
Lamb and SH Wave Transducer Arrays for the Inspection of Large Areas of Thick PlatesP. Cawley - Imperial College of Science 'United Kingdom; P. Wilcox, M.J.S. Lowe - Imperial College 'U.K.
Results of the first industrial applications of the new generation of imaging platesA. Blettner - Institute de Soudure 'France; D.Chauveau, F.Gresset-Institute de Soudure 'France
Acoustic Emission Technique the optimum solution for leakage detection and location on water pipelinesM. Fantozzi - ASM 'Italy; E. Fontana - Consultant 'Italy
The automatic performance of the repetition tests of pressure bottles with AEP. Tscheliesnig - TÜV Austria 'Austria; G. Lackner-TÜV Austria; W. Hermeling - Messer 'Austria
Advanced Non-Destructive Inspection for Turbine Generator ComponentsIwai O. - Toshiba Corporation 'Japan; Y.Ikeuchi, K.Maruyama, S.Harada, M.Goto, K.Ohmatsu-Toshiba Corporation 'Japan
Development of Welding Parameters of Automatic GTAW Process for Pipes with Variant edge preparationHung-Ta Kuo - Institute of Nuclear Energy Research 'Taiwan R.O.C.; Kuan-Chywan Tu-Institute of Nuclear Energy Research 'Taiwan ROC
Experiences in the use of ACFM for Offshore Platform Inspection in BrazilD.A. Topp - TSC Inspection Systems 'United Kingdom; F. C. R Marques, M. V. Martins - Petrobras 'Brasil
research on Creep damage Detection in reformer tubes by Ultrasonic testingR. Martinez-Oña - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; M. del Carmen Perez - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain
Advanced Computer Tools for Inspection Results Evaluation as a Base for Industrial Installation Lifetime ManagementM. Aguado - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; L.Tauroni, J.Ortega - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain
 Validation of Ultrasonic Circumferential Weld Examination of stainless Steel PipingE. Gonzalez - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; Jose Alberto Pelaez - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain
 Automated NDE Systems for Components in Industrial and Power PlantsSánchez Nieto J.L. - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain; S. March Leuba, A. Funes Rodriguez - Tecnatom S.A. 'Spain
Research of metal after long time exploitation in critical conditionsA. Lypolt - CrSNDT 'Croatia
Weldline Inspection System for Submerged Arc Spiral Welded Pipe by Ultrasonic MethodD. Dutta - International Testing & Inspection Agency 'India; Rajesh Bose-International Testing & Inspection Agency 'India
New concepts for corrosion Inspection of Pipelines by Digital Industrial Radiology (DIR)U. Zscherpel - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; Yener Onel, Uwe Ewert - Bam Berlin 'Germany
Magnetic Characterisation of In-service Process Heater TubeDas S.K. - National Metallurgical Laboratory 'India; B. Ravi Kumar, S.Palit Sagar, R.N. Ghosh, D.K. Bhattacharya, A. Mitra-National Metallurgical Laboratory Jamshedpur 'India
Magnetic Flux and SLOFEC Inspection of Thick Walled ComponentsA. Bönisch - KontrollTechnik 'Germany; J.A. de Raad, F.H. Dijkstra-Rontgen Technische Dienst bv. Rotterdam 'The Netherlands
 Control Effects by Shot Peening with Application of the Eddy Current MethodC. Dybiec - Institute Precision Mechanics 'Poland; M. Dybiec, S. Wlodarczyk, A. Kozlowska - Institute Precision Mechanics 'Poland
Radiographic Wall Thickness Measurement of Pipes by a New Tomographic AlgorithmY. Onel - Federal Institute for Materials research and Testing (BAM), Laboratory VIII.32 'Germany; U. Ewert - BAM 'Germany; P. Willems - AGFA 'Belgium
Sensitive Detection of planar Defects by a Mechanised Radiometric Weld Inspection SystemB. Redmer - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; U. Ewert, Y. Onel - BAM Berlin 'Germany; A.V. Likhachov, V.V. Pickalov - Inst. Of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; V.A. Baranov - Institute of Introscopy Tomsk, 'Russia; Zheng Li-Tsinghua University Bejing 'P.R. China
Study on Statistical Characteristic of Strength of Steel Plate Used for Penstocks of Hydropower StationsJ. Hou - College of Civil & Arch. Engr., Wuhan University of Hydro & Elect. Engr. 'P. R. China; Shaojun Fu, Xuwen An, Yinming He-Wuhan University of Hydro & Elect. Engr. 'P.R. China
 The Application of NDTM in Steel MillP.K. Chen - China Steel Corporation (T232) 'Taiwan R.O.C.
Features of Pipeline Pump Unit Vibrodiagnostics at Cavitation PhenomenaA. Repin - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia; Y. Bogatenkov - JSC Sibnefteprovod; V. Bosamykin, V. Kovalsky - MSIA 'Spectrum' Russia
A Novel Test-Rig to Measure the Lubricating Effect of Polymer Melts in ExtrudersBartoli J.R. - University of S. Paulo 'Brasil; L. Banda-Kabwe Industrial Fabrics Ltd. Kabwe 'Zambia; A.K. Wood - The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology/UMIST 'UK
Ultrasonic Testing of the Quality of Joints Made By Flash-Butt WeldingV. Pad'ko - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; V.A. Troitskij - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS 'Ukraine
 Development of the Ultrasonic Testing Technique of Welded Joints with a Technological Lack-of-PenetrationA.Shekero - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine
 Ultrasonic Testing of Welds of Line Pipelines with Determination of the Type, Location and Sizes of DefectsA.Kozin - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; E.Davydov, V.Troitskij - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute NAS 'Ukraine
Control of Tightness of Welded Joints on Multilayer StructuresY. Posypayko - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine
 Features of Ultrasonic Testing of Welded joints of Gas and Oil Pipeline Pipes in their FabricationI.Shevchenko - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; V.Troitskij, P.Fedoryaka -E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute NAS 'Ukraine
Diagnostics and Forecasting of the Residual Life of Steel Structures After Long-Term ServiceV.Zagrbelniy - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; A.Dubov - OOO Energodiagnostika; A.Mozgovoy, A.Rudakov - NPP Mashinostroyeniye 'Russia
 Diagnostics of steel Structures by the Magnetic Memory MethodV.Zagrbelniy - National Academy of Science of Ukraine 'Ukraine; A.Dubov - OOO Energodiagnostika; A.Mozgovoy, A.Rudakov - NPP Mashinostroyeniye 'Russia
Observation of Lamb Wave Mode Conversion on an Aluminum PlateH.J. Shin - Sungkyunkwan University 'South Korea; S.J. Song-Sungkyunkwan University 'Korea
Automatic Monitoring Systems of Hermetically Equipment's Condition in Chemical PlantsL. Vadim - Nizny Novgorod State Technical University 'Russia
Acoustic Emission Monitoring from Wind Turbine Blades Undergoing Static and Fatigue TestingDutton A.G. - CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 'United Kingdom; M. Blanch-CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 'Uk; P.Vionis, V.Kolovos-CRES, Wind Energy Dept. 'Greece; D.van Delft, P.Joosse-Delft University of Technology 'Netherlands; A.Anastassopoulos, D.Kouroussis-Envirocoustics Abee; T.Kossivas-Geobiologiki S.A.; T.P. Philippidis, Y.G. Kolaxis-Dept. Mech. Eng. & Aeronautics, Univ. of Patras 'Greece; J.ter Laak-Aerpac B.V. Overijssel 'Netherlands; G.Fernando, G. Zheng, T. Liu-Cranfield Univ. (RMCS) 'UK; A. Proust-Euro Physical Acoustic 'France
Real Time Radioscopy and digital image processing techniques for on line inspection of welds in boiler tubesPardikar R.J. - Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited 'India
Problems of welded joints quality control and possibility of metal magnetic memory method usingA. Doubov - Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. 'Russia; E. Demine-Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. 'Russia
Evaluation of Corroded Pipelines Wall Thickness Using Image Processing in Industrial RadiographyR. Draï - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; Y.Kabir, A.Azmane, Abdat Farid, A. Benchaâla-C.S.C. 'Algeria
 Non Destructive Testing and Leak Testing for Boiler and VesselsC. Qinglin - Sichuan Boiler Works 'P. R. China
 The Application of Eddy Current C-Scan Image System in Detection of Turbine Circle VentChen G.P. - Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint venture Co. Ltd. 'P. R. China; J.M. Lin - Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronic Co. Ltd.; S.L. Fang, Qi Wang - Guan Dong Nuclear Power Joint venture Co. Ltd. 'P.R. China
Application of NDT for In-service Inspection of pressure vessels and heat exchangersN.Rajeshwar Rao - Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India; C.Phani Bau, D.S.Sastry, K.N.S.Gupta, S.V.Swamy, N.Saratchandran - Nuclear Fuel Complex 'India
The abilities of non-destructive magnetic control of mechanical properties of roll forming billetsL.I. Dolgova - JSK Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works 'Russia; A.A. Morozov, V.L. Kornilov, V.G. Antipanov, V.N. Urtsev - JSK Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works 'Russia
IRIS -Testing with 3D-Presentation of Testing ResultsA. Lipponen - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland
NDT methods for revealing anomalies and defects in gas turbine bladesJ. Pitkänen - VTT Manufacturing Technology 'Finland; T.Hakkarainen, H.Jeskanen, P.Kuusinen, K.Lahdenperä, P.Särkiniemi-VTT Manufacturing Technology; M.Kemppainen-Technical University of Helsinki; M.Pihakakoski-Helsinki Energy 'Finland
Inspection of offshore flexible riser with electromagnetic and radiographic techniquesJ_L. Lechien - CEA/CEREM 'France; E.Veith, C.Bucherie - Bureau Veritas; J.L. Jarrousse-Institute Français du Pétrol; B.Rattoni-CEA/DAMRI Saclay 'France
 Quality Evaluation of Engineering Components by Non-Destructive Testing - its Role and UtilityA.K. Basu - Central Mining Research Institute 'India; M.K. Singh-Central Mining Research Institute 'India
Ultrasonic Inspection and Mapping of Internal Glass Coating in Reservoirs and ReactorsV. Moshkovich - Sonotron NDT 'Israel; A. Golden, A. Passi, G. Passi, R. Safin-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
Mathematical Model of Process of Vibration Movement of Flexible Particle for Providing the Non-Destructive Testing of Serviceability of VibrotechnicsO. Gubarevych - East-Ukrainian State University 'Ukraine; B.Nevzlin-East Ukrainian State University 'Ukraine
 NDT in the Oil & Gas IndustryP. Fassina - ENI - Agip Division 'Italy
Problems Linked to Laser Welding of components having Large ThicknessesG. Caironi - Politecnico di Milano 'Italy; M. Coffetti - Riva Techint 'Italy
The Importance of visual Examination in the Failure Analysis: Case History of a Microbiologically Influenced CorrosionL. Giroletti - OMECO S.r.l. 'Italy; A. Sturiesi-OMECO S.r.l., A. Vignoli-Technipetrol 'Italy
Technologies and Hardware of Ultrasonic Testing of welded Joints of Steel and Polyethylene PipelinesG.Giller - JSC VNIIST, JSC Polytest 'Russia; V.Khomenko-JSC Polytest JSC VNIIST 'Russia
 Automated Inspection of subsea and Topside ComponentsH. Kristensen - Force Institute 'Denmark; M.Lund-Hansen-Statoil; M. Lalani-MSL Engineering Ltd.
NDT Inspection of Cryogenic Pressure Vessels in AL-Mg Alloy 5083 H 111 with Thicknesses up to 160 mmM. Papponetti - RINA Spa 'Italy; A.Biestro-SIMIC Spa Camerana-Cuneo 'Italy
NDT on Liquid Natural Gas Carriers in Service Membranes Tanks testingF. Casado - ALSTOM Industries S.A. 'France

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