15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Plenary Lecture
 Evolution of NDTde Meester P. - Katholiche Universiteit 'Belgium
 Computer Processing and Simulation of NDE Data - new capabilities for practical NDEV. Vengrinovich - Belarus Academy of Sciences 'Belarus
Harmonisation and Mutual Recognition of Personnel Certification - cooperation or competition ?M. Farley - Mitsui Babcock 'United Kingdom
The Role of IAEA for the promotion of NDT Technology around the WorldA.A. Khan - International Atomic Energy Agency 'Austria
NDT in Aeronautics - State of ArtG. Tober - DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus GmbH 'Germany; Dieter Schiller-DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus GmbH 'Germany
NDT for realising better Quality of Life in Emerging Economies like IndiaB. Raj - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
Advances in Non-destructive Materials CharacterizationR.E. Green Jr. - John Hopkins University 'USA
Ecological Diagnostics-One of the Most Important NDT Activities in the 21-st Century V. Klyuev - ZAO MSIA 'Spectrum' (Joint Stock Company) 'Russia
Historical review of Technology Development in NDEDon E. Bray - Don E. Bray Inc. 'USA
Thermal NDE enhanced by 3D numerical modeling applied to works of artE. Grinzato - CNR-ITEF 'Italy; V. Vavilov-Tomsk Polytechnic University, 634028 Tomsk, 28 Savinykh,3 'Russia; P.G. Bison, S. Marinetti - CNR-ITEF 'Italy

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