15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Reliability and Validation
Testing real-Time SystemsR. Castanet - LaBRI 'France; P. Laurencot - Limos 'France
Assurance of Objectivity in NDT through Validation of Testing ProceduresS. Popoudina - Belorussian Association on NDT 'Belarus; I. Stabrovskaia-Belorussian Association on NDT 'Belarus
Preparing Testing by Proving Critical SystemsD. Rouillard - LaBRI 'France; P. Casteran, P. Felix, R.Castanet - LaBRI 'France
Uncertainties and errors in Non-Destructive Characterisation of DiscontinuitiesA. Skordev - Business Innovation Centre 'CIME' 'Bulgaria
Surveillance and certification of industrial x-ray films - an international project for quality assuranceU. Ewert - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) 'Germany; J. Stade, H.Heidt - Bam Berlin 'Germany; Bart J.L.H. Vaessen, J. Snels, M. Ailliet, W.Markie - Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Mortsel 'Belgium
Eddy Current Probes Characterization By Means of a 'G. Waché - ALSTOM - ISS/CND/DT 'France; P. Nourrisson - Alstom -ISS/CND/DT; T. Garet-ASCOT 'France
Optimizing an NDT Method for Inspection of Synchronizing HUB in AutomobilesB.N. Sankar - Anna University 'India; Srinivasan Chittathur-Cooperheat Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Consultant Free Lancer Nungambakkan, Chennai 'India; R. Venkatraman Mannapra-Electro Magfield Controls & Service; Pankaj Kumar Jain - Sundram Fasteners Limited Hosur 'India
Human Reliability in Ultrasonic InspectionA. Alexiev - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 'Bulgaria; M. Mihovsky-Bulgarian of Sciences 'Bulgaria
Magnetic PIG's Evaluation by Means of Automatic Ultrasonic DeviceR. de Oliveira Carneval - Brazilian Oil Company Research & Development Center - PETROBRAS/CENPES 'Brasil; S.D. Soares-Brazilian Oil Company R&D center PETROBRAS/CENPES 'Brasil
Prediction of Weld Quality by the Wave Propagation Modelling on Ultrasonic Testing SimulationF. Bettayeb - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria
The Artificial Intelligence in Service of Ultrasonic Inspection ReliabilityF. Bettayeb - Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Soudage et Contrôle (C.S.C.) 'Algeria; H.Benbartaoui-University of Bab Ezzouau USTHB; B.Rouaroua-University of Science and Technology U.S.T.H.B. (Algiers) 'Algeria
Quality Assurance for Non-Destructive TestingJ. Liu - Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute 'P. R. China; Du Jianying, Zhou Zaiqi- Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute 'P.R. China
Reliability Assurance for Automated Eddy Current Inspection SystemsC. Pairazaman - Veridian Engineering 'USA; S.Keller-U S Air Force/Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City; W.D.Rummel-D&W Enterprises Ltd. Colorado 'USA
Flexible Scope of Accreditation in Non-destructive Testing LaboratoriesK. Berner - DAP Deutsches Akkreditierungssystem Prüfwesen GmbH 'Germany; R. Zimmermann-DAP German Accreditation System for Testing Ltd.; S. Kraus, R. Brinette, Fraunhofer Institut Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren 'Germany

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