15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
15-21 October 2000 in Rome
PROCEEDINGS 750 Conference Papers
Terrestrial and Marine Transportation
Comparison Between the Magnetic Properties of Ball Milled Nanocrystalline Perlitic Steel and the Running Surface of Rails in High Speed Railway TracksN. Takács - University of Debrecen 'Hungary; G.Posgay, P. Molnár - Metalektro Ltd., Budapest; D.Beke, L.Harasztosi - University of Debrecen 'Hungary
Steel Wire Rope Condition Monitoring by Non-Destructive Investigation and Evaluation while on Installation/ServiceS.D. Singh - Central Mining Research Institute 'India; B. Ghara - Central Mining Research Institute 'India
Elastic Wave Analysis for Broken rail detectionJ. Rose - Paul Morrow Prof. In Design and Manufacturing,The Pennsylvania State University 'USA; M. J. Avioli Jr. - FBS Inc. State College 'USA
Inspection of ropes for Austrian Ropeway using modern NDT InstrumentsA. Russold - TUEV 'Austria; S. Belitsky - Intron Plus Ltd. Moscow 'Russia
Comparative Data Analysis for Optimal Railways TestingG. Krug - Israel Railways 'Israel; V. Orjelik-Independent Researcher; R. Aharoni-Scan Master Systems 'Israel
The Use of Non-Destructive Testing for Evaluating the Integrity In-Service Tank CarsJ. Dinell - AllTranstek, LLC 'USA
Pioneering Inspection of Railroad Rails with Eddy CurrentsM. Junger - Rohmann GmbH 'Germany; M. Thomas - BAM Berlin; M. Junger - ROHMANN GmbH Frankenthal; H. Hintze, R. Krull - Detsche Bahn AG Kirchmöser; S. Rüehe - Prüftechnik Linke& Rühe, Magdeburg; 'Germany
NDT of steel ropes with Magnetic Flaw detectors: Documentation and interpretation of test ResultsV. Sukhorukov - INTRON PLUS Ltd. 'Russia; S. Belitsky - Intron Plus Ltd. Moscow 'Russia; O. Gronau - DMT, Bochum 'Germany
NDI on Bonded Sandwich Structures with Foam Cores and Stiff Skins - Shearography the Answer?J. Andersson - CSM Materialteknik AB 'Sweden; B. van den Bos - CSM Materialteknik AB 'Sweden
Unsupervised Classification of Acoustic Emission Sources from Aerial Man Lift DevicesA. Anastassopoulos - Envirocoustics S.A. 'Greece; D. Kouroussis, A. Tsimogiannis - Envirocoustics S.A. Athens 'Greece
Mobile Inspection System for Rail Integrity AssessmentM. Brassard - Tektrend International Inc. 'Canada; A. Chahbaz, A. Pelletier-Tektrend International Inc., Montreal 'Canada
 Study of non-destructive inspection of defects of marine engine partsZhuoming Gu - Merchant Ship of Shanghai Maritime University 'P. R. China
A dynamic and quantitative method for measuring wheel flats and abrasion of trainsQibo Feng - Northern Jiaotong University 'P. R. China; Jianying Cui, Yan Zhao, Ying Pi, Yongping Teng - Northern Jiaotong University 'P.R. China
Non-Destructive Testing and Malta DrydocksJ. Cremona - Malta Drydocks 'Malta

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