NDT.net - February 2001, Vol. 6 No. 2


Top 20 Papers

We have conducted an analysis of the popularity of WCNDT papers based on number of hits during the first 3 months after Internet publication. Our own paper and updated CD-ROM papers which have been announced on NDT.net's current issue page are not included. All 663 papers received 29,717 hits, an average of 45 per paper. On other pages we provided Papers of 20 or more hits and Access by Country Breakdown

194Portable Workstation for Ultrasonic Weld InspectionM. Berke, W.-D. Kleinert, J.Reinersmann, U. Schlengerman, K. Volkmann-Krautkramer 'Germany; M. Kritsky, V. Moshkovich, G. Passi - Sonotron NDT 'Israel
175Squirter, Roller Probe, and Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Transducer Techniques for Low Frequency Inspection of Advanced Composites MaterialsD.J. Cotter - Panametrics Inc. 'USA; Thomas E. Michaels, Jennifer E. Michaels, Daniel Kass, Matthew E., E. Stanton, Igor V. Kosenko, Frederick H.C. Hotchkiss-Panametrics Inc. Waltham 'USA
160New Way for Utilizing DGS TechnologyK. Volkmann - Krautkrämer Gmbh & Co. oHG 'Germany; M. Berke, W.-D.Kleinert, J. Reinersmann, U. Schlengerman-Krautkramer GmbH 'Germany; M. Kritsky, A.Passi, G. Passi-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
158NDT for realising better Quality of Life in Emerging Economies like IndiaB. Raj - Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 'India
149Evaluation of Type and Dimensions of Discontinuities Through Three Dimensional Ultrasonic ImagingJ.Shoef - Gabi Shoef Ltd. 'Israel; Y.Segal-Technion; G.Passi-Sonotron 'Israel
148Improvement in automated Aluminum Casting Inspection by Finding Correspondence of Potential Flaws in Multiple Radioscopic ImagesD. Mery - Technical University of Berlin 'Germany; D. Filbert - Technical University of Berlin; N. Parspour - YXLON International X-Ray GmbH 'Germany
142Ultrasonic Inspection and Mapping of Internal Glass Coating in Reservoirs and ReactorsV. Moshkovich - Sonotron NDT 'Israel; A. Golden, A. Passi, G. Passi, R. Safin-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
141Quantitative Material Inspection with Coherent X-Ray ScatteringH. Bomsdorf - Fachbereich Physik, Bergische Universität 'Germany; J.-M.Kosanetzky-CEO YXLON International X-Ray GmbH; T. Müller-Bergische Universität Wuppertal 'Germany
139Bond Testing and Mapping System for Concorde's Flying SurfacesK. Mclaughlin - Advanced NDT Instruments 'United Kingdom; R. Palmer-British Airways,UK; V. Moshkovich, A. Passi, G. Passi-Sonotron NDT 'Israel
135Path Controlled Contour Following for Ultrasonic Imaging of Complex Shaped Composite ComponentsD.J. Cotter - Panametrics Inc. 'USA; Jennifer E. Michaels, Thomas E. Michaels, Igor V. Ivanenko, Daniel Kass-Panametrics Inc. Waltham 'USA
130Comparative Data Analysis for Optimal Railways TestingG. Krug - Israel Railways 'Israel; V. Orjelik-Independent Researcher; R. Aharoni-Scan Master Systems 'Israel
129Progress in Spotweld Test and Classification toolsS. Rabinovich - Scan Master Systems Ltd. 'Israel; K. Jassby, O. Livni, R. Aharoni-ScanMaster Systems ltd. 'Israel
127 Non-destructive corrosion rate monitoring for reinforced concrete structuresD. Bjegovic - University of Zagreb 'Croatia; D. Mikulic', D. Sekulic' - Institute of Croatia University of Zagreb 'Croatia
124Advances in Non-destructive Materials CharacterizationR.E. Green Jr. - John Hopkins University 'USA
108Microbiological testing of Polymers and resins used in conservation of Linen TextilesO. Abdel-Kareem - Cracow University of Economics 'Poland
97Advances in Ultrasonic transducer DevelopmentH.H.J. Huynen - Röntgen Technische Dienst bv 'The Netherlands; F.H. Dijkstra, T. Bouma-Rontgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam, 'The Netherlands; H. Wüstenberg-BAM 'Germany
95Acoustic Emission Technique the optimum solution for leakage detection and location on water pipelinesM. Fantozzi - ASM 'Italy; E. Fontana - Consultant 'Italy
92Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials using Free-Space Microwave Measurement TechniquesD.K. Ghodgaonkar - MARA University of Technology 'Malaysia; Luigi Giubbolini-IRITI-CNR Polytechnic of Turin 'Italy; Nor Azlin Ali - MARA University Selangor 'Malaysia
86Microfocus X-ray Computer Tomography in Materials ResearchM. Wevers - Katholiche Universiteit 'Belgium; P. de Meester- Dept. MTM; R. Swennen-Dept of Geology K.U.Leuven 'Belgium
86Combined NDT Inspection Techniques for Corrosion Detection of Aircraft StructuresM. Brassard - Tektrend International Inc. 'Canada; A. Chahbaz, A. Pelletier-Tektrend International Inc., Montreal; D.Forsyth-Structures, Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada Ottawa 'Canada

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