17th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing

25-28 Oct 2008, Shanghai, China


The 17th World Conference on Non Destructive Testing (17th WCNDT), which was held at Shanghai, China, from October 25 to 28, gathered specialists on all the areas of non-destructive testing (NDT), such as inspection, research and development and standardization. ICNDT General Assembly, the meetings of the ISO TC-135 NDT Committee and the Policy and General Purposes Committee of the International Committee of NDT (PGP-ICNDT) were held simultaneously with this Conference. These Conferences provided a forum where experts on all areas of NDT and life management might meet.

About 500 papers in this proceeding presented a panorama of the state-of-the-art of the most recent R/D and applications of all techniques and areas of nondestructive and structural testing. The articles were presented in 19 sessions, comprising papers beyond the disciplinary limits of NDT. They included activities such as diagnosis of machinery, structure, welding, life management and quality control. In the field of power generation: hydro-, thermo- and nuclear electricity. In manufacturing: steel making, automotive, aerospace, civil structure. Patrimony and heritage: pieces of art, service and insurance companies, industrial maintenance and inspection. Commercial presentations were also included. In addition to the comprehensive technical program, the conference also featured an exhibition of the latest NDT systems, technical tours and a full social program, including options for accompanying persons.

This 17th WCNDT in Shanghai, with the venue in a rapidly developing and flourishing city, will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most outstanding conference we have ever had. I gratefully acknowledge the gentle cooperation of all those who worked with us for this conference: (and particularly Rolf Diederichs) for the present Proceedings, GEIT, The Primary Event Sponsor and All Sponsors of the 17th WCNDT, and last but not least, the participants, who made this conference possible.

Shanghai, October 2008

Dr. Rong S Geng, President, 17th WCNDT

Conference Committee

President of 17 WCNDT: Dr. Geng Rongsheng
Chairman of World Conference: Dr. Shen Jianzhong

Chairman of Organization Committee: Prof. Cai Anding
Vice Chairman of Organization Committee: Prof. Ren Jilin, Dr. Liu Minggui
Members: Dr. Shen Jianzhong, Dr. Geng Rongsheng, Dr.Guo Chengbin, Mr. Yang Jianhong, Mr. Pan Bingxun, Mr. Nardoni, Dr. Farley, Dr. Marshall, Dr. Klyuev, Dr. Vahaviolos, Dr. Link, Dr. Raj

Chairman of Technical Committee: Dr. Shen Gongtian
Vice Chairmen of Technical Committee: Dr. Liu Songping
Members: Prof. Liu Shifeng, Prof. Jiang Weiping, Mr. Ni Peijun, Mr. Li Lianxiu, Mr. Fu Yang, Mr. Lin Junming, Prof. Daiguang, Dr. Guo Guangping

Conference General Secretary: Mr. Xu Yongchang
Conference Vice General Secretary: Mr. Pan Bingxun
Conference Secretary: Ms. Wang Ying Yun

Exhibition Chair: Mrs. Zhu Yaqing
Exhibition Secretary: Mr. Wang Weigang, Mrs. Fan Xiao Yan

Finance Chair: Mr. Xu Yongchang

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