NDTnet - May 1997, Vol.2 No.05

Approximative Modeling for the Practical Application at Ultrasonic Inspections

H.Wüstenberg, A.Erhard *

Presented on the Application Workshop in May '97


1. Introduction

2. An approximative model for the ultrasonic inspection

3.The model:

4. Practical applications and experimental veriffication of the model

    The results of this approximative model had been compared with test-block measurements for three special cases: (Figure 8)
    • inclined notches detected by the corner effect within half a skip distance
    • a perpendicular crack in the center of a planar and parallel test-object and
    • a crack in a turbine shaft with an inner bore

Fig 8:

Three cases for the Modelling of Crack detection with Ultrasound

4.1 Inclined notches

4.2 Inner crack

4.3 Crack within a Turbine shaft

5. Summary

7. References


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