NDTnet - November 1996, Vol.1 No.11

Simulation of an Ultrasonic Inspection

Authors H. Wuestenberg, R. Boehm

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Simulation of an Ultrasonic Inspection by the calculation of A-scans for crack detection with an angle beam probe in Pulse-Echo-Mode (Probe MWB45 2MHz), with and without backwall influence. The probe is a Shear-wave angle beam probe with 45° angle of incidence.

This Program demonstrates the ability of compact modeling software to be used in all phases of modeling in NDT, e.g. to support the optimal choice of a test method for a given problem, to give comprehensive explanations for the performance of an NDT-approach, to settle the parameters for an inspection, especially the choice of recording thresholds and the definition of acceptance criteria, to enhance the defect characterization and sizing with interactive defect and indication pattern modeling and comparison and also to support the training and education of operators.


Discussion of some interesting results

The Program

There are three program versions available.
  1. The hf-bild.exe (hf_bild.zip) program runs under Windows and includes a TD-Scan (B-scan) presentation together with the RF signal. (See picture) However, this program has fewer parameters available for individual setups but provides a lot of other nice features.
    ( Program by Hans-Joachim Montag, Email: Hans-Joachim.Montag@bam-berlin.de)
    Download: hf_bild.zip 1.7 MByte
  2. The usundeml.exe is a DOS program and provides a free choice of setup parameters. It takes into account backwall influences.
    Download: usundeml.exe 105 KByte
  3. The ushfdemo.exe is a faster DOS program and provides also a free choice of setup parameters, but does not take into account backwall influences.
    Download: ushfdemo.exe 92 KByte

DOS program setup menu:


H. Wuestenberg, R. Boehm
BAM-Berlin, Fachgruppe VIII.4 Acoustical and Electrical methods of NDT
E-mail: Hermann.Wuestenberg@bam-berlin.de
BAM Berlin - NDT Department VIII.4
The Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a scientific-technological institute under the authority of the Federal Minister of Economics. In accordance with a decree of the Federal Minister of Economics from 1995 the BAM promotes the development of German industry by carrying out research on safety and reliability related problems in chemistry and in materials technology and by further developing the concerned testing techniques. The institute collects and makes the results of its own and others' scientific work available to the general public in suitable form.

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