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This Journal opened officially on the 1st. January 1996! What are the advantages of the Internet?.
The MTIR (Material Testing Internet Resources) is a newly established non profit corporation, set up by Dr. Marty Jones.
A recommendation for readers: CORDIS Database ( Community R & D Information Service). In the RTD Database we found 122 results concerning ultrasonics. Some of these may be found in this Journal's Abstracts.


Ultrasonics for pipe extrusion
A guide book about the state of the art. Sample chapters include Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing. Read about developments in the last few years, and the considerable efforts to utilize ultrasonic wall thickness measuring systems in pipe extrusion. By R. Diederichs. [50pp,+35gifs]
Ultrasonics for Blow Moulding and Thermo Forming [3pp,+gifs] Ford-VW
The article explains the application's special wall-thickness measurement method, equipment and experiences regarding car fuel-tanks and barrels for dangerous-goods. By R. Diederichs

Market News

Homepage of SEA
Specialty Engineering Associates (SEA) specializes in ultrasound related products
West Penn Testing Laboratories, Inc
An Independent Inspection & Testing Laboratory. Providing non-destructive testing services & inspections for nearly half-a-century.
Ultrasonics at the K '95 Fair. A follow up report
State of the art in Ultrasonic In-Line Measurements for plastic pipe extrusion.
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