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8th European Workshop On Structural Health Monitoring (EWSHM 2016)

5-8 July 2016, Spain, Bilbao
Right Now in Bilbao 10:08 Fri 14

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IK4-IKERLAN is a private not-for-profit Technological Research Centre in the north of Spain. From its creation in 1974 in the fold of what is the Mondragon Group, Spain’s seventh-largest corporation, IK4-IKERLAN has worked together with regional companies from the machinery and capital goods, domestic appliance, electronics and computing, transport and energy sectors. IK4-IKERLAN’s mission is to improve regional companies‟ competitiveness, through the application of technological knowledge to develop innovative products and in design and production processes”. It has a staff of more than 240 qualified researchers and engineers, with specific strengths in microsystems, electronics, mechanical engineering, power electronics and energy technology. As a centre of excellence in the transfer of technology, more than 800 R&D projects were completed so far in cooperation with companies developing new products and implementing customised systems in design and manufacturing processes. IK4-IKERLAN is one of the founding members and driving forces of the IK4 Research Alliance, consisting of eight Spanish technology centres with a combined research staff of more than 1400 men and women. IK4-IKERLAN is also a member of the organising committee of GenesisRed, the Spanish mirror platform for EPoSS and ENIAC. IK4-IKERLAN is represented in the technical committee of the Eureka cluster Euripides.

We present: Coming up with ways of guaranteeing that objects perform their functions properly over time, analysing materials to determine their properties –like toughness or lightness– and integrating ICTs into devices are the functions of this line of research. That is what mechatronics is for; it is a discipline encompassing mechanics, electronics and computing and offers a powerful tool to address complex challenges in product design. Our research in this area enables us to help companies develop more reliable, more profitable products offering more features. The technologies being presented: Structural health and condition monitoring; diagnostics and prognostics; Validation of models and structural optimisation.

Our Staff: Oscar Salgado (

Keywords: Structural health and condition monitoring; diagnostics and prognostics; Industry 4.0

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