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Conference Management Cloud
Online Conference Management Tool for Event Planners, Authors, Editors and Reviewers
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Our CMC service is temporarily not offered for new NDT Conferences.


Submisison System, Web App Proceedings and Open Access - Free of charge
The submisison system simplifies the organisation of your technical program and e-proceedings. Abstracts and files submission system, author and reviewer communication, proceedings web app for on-site usage on mobile devices. Import and index of the proceedings in our NDT Database.

Event Promotion - Free of charge
Highlighting the Event with Logo, Banner, News on main page and sections to 100.000 Visitors each month and in Newsletters to 20.000 subscribers. Exclusive bulk mailing for urgently broadcasting matters. Also a Virtual Stand in our online Exhibition is inclusive. On site video recording and broadcasting in and YouTube if our schedule allows.

Full Conference Web App
Please contact Rolf Diederichs for details and prices here

Sponsor/Advertising concept
Gain additional revenue for your event by offering advertising for your sponsors and exhibitors. Please contact Rolf Diederichs for details here

• Introduction’s Conference Management Cloud (CMC) works as a supporting web server for the conference organisation. CMC serves as a cloud computing online application, simplifying the organisation of the conference and enabling the coordination of the work-flow of authors, secretary, scientific committee and editors in one cloud. CMC delivers the content for the technical conference programme, abstract book, advanced electronic proceedings and data on the fly to the conference proceedings Web App.

Additionally, the conference papers will be published Open Access in (e-Journal of Non-Destructive Testing ISSN 1435-4934) and Open Access Repository. Thus not only maximising the author’s research and market impact but possibly improving the bibliometric evaluation of papers by research funding agencies.

• Program Details of the Conference Management Cloud
The Conference Management Cloud (CMC) is a feature-rich conference management system, supporting the needs of a range of different conference configurations. The CMC serves as an interface and enables the organiser to coordinate the workflow for authors, committee members and editors. The CMC is flexible enough to be deployed efficiently in different scenarios. The Conference Administrator (Secretary or Chair) can configure CMC online and see the effects of any changes in real-time. Features or editing permissions can be set individually for team members (the committee). As a result of using the CMC, the organiser receives a full service that starts with call for papers and ends with the delivery of the technical conference programme, abstract book and advanced electronic proceedings. The content of the proceedings is exported to CD/DVD/USB, Web App and Open Access in

Submission Process
•Author Registration
•Copyright/Licence transfer
•Abstract Submission
•Speakers CV
•Co-Authors Data
•Keyword Submission
•Feedback System
•Feedback Tracking

File Upload Process
•Papers, Slides, Movie Submission
•Review System
•File Converting to PDF
•On the fly to Web App

Exhibitor Catalog new
•Exhibitor Registration
•Profiles, Products Submission
•Logos, Showcases Submission

Program Functions

Adminstration Tools
•Reviewer board
•Review System
•Review Tracking
•Broadcast Emails by Filters
•Email Archive, Tracking
•Contacts Database
•oral/Poster scheduling
•Session scheduling
•Breaks, Events scheduling
•Upload Authors' Information
•Data-Backup •Excel-Export •FTP
•Exhibitor Catalog Editingnew

Export & Deliverable
•Technical Program
•Abstract Book
•Speakers CV
•e-Proceedings USB/CD
•Event & Proceedings Web App (on the fly)
•Exhibition & Floorplans in Web App
•Open Access Database (

"The CMC is an excellent tool, the quality of the App is superb.
Alfredo Güenes, Aero NDT 2014 Chair

"The CMC provides an appropriate way for making the Abstract book, making Proceedings master DVD (with a very good organisation for searching papers and authors on it), mailing to the authors, make revision notes, as well as a draft to make the final program of the Conference".
Antolino Gallego, EWGAE 2012 Chair.

"It is a great help to use the experience of such a conference software, especially if it is not our business to keep up to date in conference techniques." Peter Tscheliesnig, EWGAE 2010 Chair

"It was impressive to see how quickly the proceedings became ready".
Karin Bachinger, EWGAE 2010 Conference secretary.

• Electronic submission of abstracts, papers, powerpoints, posters and exhibitor profiles
The CMC is a mature and comprehensive tool. It facilitates smooth abstract and paper submission and enables an efficient online review process. Running on our server, CMC can be set-up and customized quickly and is immediately ready for use. It will not only save you a lot of time, by simplifying the working pocess, it will also contribute to a more satisfying conference experience for the participants. An every day back-up guarantees secure conference data. Try the Demo Event
NEW: Exhibitor Profile Submission and Catalog on the fly to the Event Web App!

• Book of Abstracts
Based on the inputs, the system exports all abstracts as one PDF file (Abstract). Program information such as break, session, chair, room/date/time is printed on each abstract. Thus, comfortable for participants to navigate through the conference. Today there is no need to provide a printed abstract book since all abstracts can be browsed in the Web App, however, the abstract book as PDF file is a welcome download.

• Conference Proceedings
Conference proceedings are documents of lasting value. We take care of the professional treatment of your proceedings. We provide a digital distribution of these substantial documents on CD and/or Internet Open Access and Web App, saving not only costs but also protecting the environment. A small booklet with an attached digital medium enables the use of printed and digital media at the same time. See e-Proceedings Archive

• Conference & Proceedings Web App
We developed in 2014 an innovative Multi Conference & Proceedings Web App for receives all conference and proceedings data on the fly from our CMC. The Web App serves as a conference guide and has the proceedings on board. The App was created for use through the Internet on all devices; from mobile phones, tablets and computers. It offers convenient browsing of the agenda, full proceedings, search capabilities and much more. See all Web Apps here.

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