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Technical Discussions
Seeking Solutions, Explanation etc. |38,734 Msgs| Admin: Rolf
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NDT - MPI Level 2 and EMC general exam bhags21:42 Aug-12
PAUT/ToFD qualification block by cutting block Sanket17:31 Aug-12
Calibration of PAUT flaw detector to ISO 18563-1 Calibration17:04 Aug-11
RT/PAUT Advice for power plant project (6) sukumar10:02 Aug-10
High Temp Application of White Contrast Paint for MPI (5) James Scalf14:45 Aug-08
PAUT corrosion mapping (1) Peter13:07 Aug-06
PAUT Focal Depth for Weld Inspection (3) Will01:25 Aug-06
Difference between “stage of test” and “production stage” in MT and PT reports Aleg07:47 Aug-05
FPI Quality Check (1) Danish Anwer09:05 Aug-04
Angle probes (4) Terry mac18:19 Aug-03
UT - Part Pen or Full Pen (2) Chris15:59 Aug-03
Lint free wipes (2) Joshua Martin17:20 Jul-31
D1.2 code vs what the company wants (1) Jeremiah21:22 Jul-30
Error Message Olympus MX2 (2) George Mclean07:34 Jul-29
tofd receiver low filter (1) kaaz03:24 Jul-29
Wireless ultrasonic solution for mining industry. (7) Roberto Otero19:30 Jul-28
UT (1) OMS1718:54 Jul-25
UT calibration Blocks (2) Ahmed 08:45 Jul-23
Scanning microdensitometer for Radiographic film (2) Michael Story18:03 Jul-22
Light Meters (4) Russell Petrie18:37 Jul-17
Joint type (1) dream11:58 Jul-16
Tabla de rangos de severidad para vibraciones en maquinas (2) Denis tenorio19:00 Jul-15
Ultrasound: plastic versus reinforced plastic (6) wei07:47 Jul-15
ensure all cracking is repaired (3) chris21:12 Jul-14
   Re: UT crack height measurement (13) Anmol Birring18:02 Jul-14
CSA Z662 Contradiction (1) Robert Howland22:10 Jul-13
   Re: Dwell time (2) Gopi Kiran Naik Banavathu 15:34 Jul-11
calibration body in UAE Satish Kori10:44 Jul-11
Selection of RT reference film (3) Masaru Kuwahara03:34 Jul-10
   Re: Pre & etch Inspection (4) Anmol Birring18:11 Jul-09
Detection and Characterization of Stress Corrosion Cracking (6) Diego Gamarra01:24 Jul-09
optical feedback interferometry / Laser Diode Self-Mixing Interferometry J.B.23:03 Jul-08
Ultrasonic Testing Rehan Ali19:01 Jul-08
Minumum depht of a discontinuaty to be detected by dye penetrant testing (16) Aleg18:13 Jul-08
UT characterization of defects using neural networks (2) Vinícius Sardou15:03 Jul-07
looking for BN 918275 Micha10:19 Jul-06
Paut (3) SoumyaHalder08:32 Jul-05
X-Ray focal spot measurement murty19:43 Jul-03
Code to qualify Wilders for WQT Richard 14:11 Jul-03
   Re: Nondestructive Examination or Nondestructive Testing (7) Gerald R. Reams17:02 Jul-02
Video Tutorial: Instruction on the use of Materials Acoustic Properties Analysis Software (MAPAS) Ed Ginzel09:33 Jul-02
Ultrasonic testing of Martensitic stainless steel Welds (2) Rakesh Parmar07:37 Jul-02
Thickness Measurement by Drone (1) Pratik Bhogate07:59 Jun-25
Use of White contrast (3) jitendra.borole03:04 Jun-25
EMBEDEC+ control with Linux (2) Christian Dürager17:50 Jun-23
Ultrasonic testing on HexMC composite parts (2) Jean-Pascal10:36 Jun-22
PAUT data set (3) Sayat 14:38 Jun-20
PAUT Dead Zone (18) Kewell Lim23:50 Jun-19
Corrosion under support (3) Arjun Vijay21:13 Jun-19
Can you merge scans on OmniPC? (5) Jordan21:18 Jun-18
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Product Spotlight

Ultrasonic Squirter/Gantry System

TecScan’s NDT Ultrasonic Gantry Systems are industrial Squirter scanners designed for non-destru
ctive quality testing and raster scanning of large structures and parts. The Gantry Systems are usually composed of an Industrial Mechanical Scanner and a Control Room with System Workstation.

UCI Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-U2

UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U2 is is used for non-destructive hardness testing of: metals and
alloys by scales of hardness: Rockwell (HRC), Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV); non-ferrous metals, alloys of iron etc., and using five additional scales for calibration; with tensile strength (Rm) scale determines the tensile strength of carbon steel pearlitic products by automatic recalculation from Brinell (HB) hardness scale.


Very Powerful Superior Performance Extremely Portable Smart Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector an
d Recorder with 2 Conventional UT and TOFD Channels uniquely combines PA, single- and multi-channel conventional UT, and TOFD modalities providing 100% raw data recording and imaging. Suitable for all kinds of every-day ultrasonic inspections

OPBOX with standard software is able to do all types of inspections and measurements: flaw detection in welds and materials, scanning of objects, testing composite materials, forged and moulded pieces, many UT inspections, measurements of properties of ma

Typical applications: UT measurements with pulse technique, Measurement of thicknesses also at hig
h temperatures, Measurements of properties of materials, including fluids and gases We are delivering a standard version of the software (for any Microsoft Windows up to 10 x64 with Microsoft Hardware certification report Approved) and for special needs: SDK with ready to use examples for LabView, MATLAB x64, C++ wrapper for dll, Python and Linux., and also low-level description of how to control our devices directly from any USB tools

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