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Career Discussions
Personnel Certification, Training, Career |10,249 Msgs| Admin: Rolf
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Re: question bank (4) Chris Pople18:04 Sep-30
Re: question bank (4) ASIM IMRAN13:26 Sep-30
Re: Online training recommendations, are they any good? (2) Michel Couture03:51 Sep-28
Re: Level III Procedure Certification (1) Michel Couture03:37 Sep-28
Re: PCN certification gained by giving fake experience (83) sharoane corbett22:24 Sep-27
Re: BINDT one more withdrawal (2) JAMES DEAN13:07 Sep-25
Query. Mario Romero23:54 Sep-24
Level III Procedure Certification (1) Al Ayers23:02 Sep-24
Re: BINDT one more withdrawal (2) John15:37 Sep-24
BINDT one more withdrawal (2) certificationbody14:13 Sep-24
Re: ASNT y SNT TC 1A Certification Level (1) Azhar Iqbal10:02 Sep-24
ASNT y SNT TC 1A Certification Level (1) Raul23:57 Sep-23
PAUT Deepak13:16 Sep-18
MFL ( Tank) ASNT L3 exam arvind10:48 Sep-18
Re: Online training recommendations, are they any good? (2) David08:55 Sep-18
Online training recommendations, are they any good? (2) Jon02:20 Sep-18
Re: NAS 410 Aviation Standard NDT work procedure (2) Rafid O. Lopez 18:34 Sep-17
Re: NAS 410 Aviation Standard NDT work procedure (2) Godfrey Hands09:57 Sep-16
Re: AGIP Employment scams (95) goodluck16:03 Sep-11
Re: AGIP Employment scams (95) Siegfried 10:32 Sep-11
NAS 410 Aviation Standard NDT work procedure (2) Ashish14:58 Sep-10
Re: annual proficiency test (2) Rafid O. Lopez 01:29 Sep-05
Re: annual proficiency test (2) William Blum11:05 Sep-04
Scope of CSWIP in Canada Hrishikesh08:24 Sep-04
annual proficiency test (2) imtiaz ahmed07:07 Sep-04
Urgent- NBIC commision inspector Surya09:24 Sep-03
Re: CINDE EMC Course (3) danny mbaya13:57 Sep-02
Basic Qualifiaction For Participating in Level III Exam Deepak Kumar Soni08:54 Sep-02
Re: API 620 verses 650 standard? (12) Anish17:46 Aug-30
Re: Metal Dusting NDT (1) BijuSubramaniam 16:00 Aug-29
Re: NDE Level III Recertification (2) Ricardo Andreucci21:20 Aug-28
CSWIP UT to PCN PAUT Prakash Patel12:28 Aug-28
NAS 410 vs ASNT Yanick Lavallée16:13 Aug-27
NDT INSPECTOR Alex John10:03 Aug-23
Re: NDE Level III Recertification (2) William A. Jensen16:34 Aug-19
NDE Level III Recertification (2) Ricardo Andreucci13:33 Aug-19
Re: Can anyone tell about masters in ndt field related courses (6) Pratik Wagh06:21 Aug-14
PCN vs ISO 9712 certification scheme details (1) Ranvijay Singh08:42 Aug-11
Re: AVIATION NDT (1) Michel Couture22:57 Aug-08
Re: PCN AND ISO (1) Udo Schlengermann10:14 Aug-08
PCN AND ISO (1) Seenikumaran 21:00 Aug-07
About ISO 9712 & PCN KMK21:51 Aug-06
Qualification and Certification Alvin19:43 Aug-06
Re: ASNT Level III - Basic Exam (4) ALZAKI18:39 Aug-05
Re: Can anyone tell about masters in ndt field related courses (6) Christian Sanchez11:13 Aug-05
AVIATION NDT (1) dlol12:38 Aug-04
Re: NDT CLass Room Training (3) Shahid Nisar10:31 Aug-04
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Product Spotlight

Teletest Focus+

Teletest Focus+ electronics have superior capabilities than rivals on the market. Beyond the usual
test features, Focus+ has 24 transmit channels and 24 receive channels, with an additional on-board switching capabilities. The instrument's frequency range is 10–300 kHz.

Compact NDT inspection-heads for measurements with active thermography

The compact inspection head is suitable for thermographic ndt tasks. The uncooled infrared camera
is specially developed for NDI-tasks and offers a thermal sensitivity until now known only from thermal imagers with cooled detector. All required components and functions are integrated into the inspection-head. You will only need an ethernet cable to connect the sensor with the evaluation system.


Pulse thermography is a non-contact test method that is ideal for the characterization of thin fil
ms and coatings or the detection of defects. With a remarquable short test time and a high detection sensitivity, the Telops TESTD-PT is the perfect tool for non- destructive testing. With such high frame rates, it is even possible to investigate highly conductive or diffusive materials.

SONOAIR - air-coupled Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection System

For highly attenuating materials, the performance of the system is critical. The ultrasonic sensors,
the scanning area and the system settings should be flexibly adapted to the test task and the material. These high expectations are met with the new and modular testing system SONOAIR. With the world’s first air-coupled phased-array UT inspection system SONOAIR we developed a technology that works with up to 4 transmitter and receiver channels with freely configurable square wave burst transmitters as wells as low noise receiving amplifiers.
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