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Faran Hussain
FFC Pakistan, Pakistan, Joined May 2005, 17

Faran Hussain

FFC Pakistan,
Joined May 2005
07:34 Jul-30-2010
Effect of Copper in SS 304 in ammonia service

Does anyone have any experience of failure / corrosion in SS-304 grade in ammonia service.
We have an apprehension, that copper (upto 1%) present in SS 304 may prove detremental in ammonia service. Another point of concern is the effect of copper in Solution annealing of SS-304 tubes that may cause it to fail in ammonia service.
Anyhelp in this regard would be appreciated.

Ashfaq Anwer
Ashfaq Anwer
09:44 Aug-01-2010
Re: Effect of Copper in SS 304 in ammonia service
In Reply to Faran Hussain at 07:34 Jul-30-2010 (Opening).

Copper is normally found in SS-304 although not specified in ASTM standards in tha range of 0.5-0.9% and which is in safe limit causing no corrosion.

I require following inputs from you to give a detailed reply.

1. Have you performed the chemical analysis of SS-304? What percentage of copper did you find?
2. Where and what type of corrosion did you observe?
3. Can you share the service conditions of ammonia like state (vapor or liquid), pressure, temperature, anhydrous or having some water?

Ashfaq Anwer


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