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NDT Inspector,
Canada, Joined Jan 2009, 31


NDT Inspector,
Joined Jan 2009
19:47 Sep-10-2013
ASME MT Examination Procedure

Can someone help me out here.
ASME V Article 7 states "Equipment of the same type" as a Nonessential Variable.
What is this referring to?

Ed T.
Other, ASNT Level III, UT, RT, MT, PT, VT
NDT Level III, Saudi Arabia, Joined Sep 2011, 169

Ed T.

Other, ASNT Level III, UT, RT, MT, PT, VT
NDT Level III,
Saudi Arabia,
Joined Sep 2011
07:11 Sep-17-2013
Re: ASME MT Examination Procedure
In Reply to member at 19:47 Sep-10-2013 (Opening).

Just a guess, but I would think that they are referring to types of equipment as yokes, pirtable MT units, etc.
To me, the brand of yoke used would not be an essential variable.

02:19 Sep-26-2013
Re: ASME MT Examination Procedure
In Reply to Ed T. at 07:11 Sep-17-2013 .

The intent is that you can perform circular magnetization using a horizontal bench or portable unit, while longitudinal magnetization may be completed using a yoke or other means determined by the procedure. This can be a necessary technique since some part configurations or sizes make the use of a coil or cable wrap impractical or do not allow it. Per ASME Section V Article 7: If the L/D Ratio is Less than 2 you shall not use a coil for longitudinal magnetization. This would require you the use an alternate method to perform the required inspection in accordance with this code such as a yoke.


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