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USA, Joined May 2014, 1


Joined May 2014
08:32 May-08-2014

I've been thinking about attending the ASNT refresher basic and UE level 3 courses, in preparation of taking the tests.

I've worked in Immersion UE for 4 years. I've done a little contact work but mostly just immersion. I've been teaching UE level II classes for a year and have more knowledge then the average level 2 when it comes to theory.

I have *some* knowledge on AE (both my bosses have PHDs and are at the forefront of the field in AE, so I certainly have resources for it) but I have no experience in any other NDT method.

I'm intelligent and driven, and am curious if taking the refresher courses and studying the materials thoroughly would properly prepare me for the tests without any real world experience in the other methods?

Brian Frye
USA, Joined Mar 2013, 11

Brian Frye

Joined Mar 2013
19:17 May-14-2014
Re: NDT UE Level III
In Reply to Jason at 08:32 May-08-2014 (Opening).

The Basic exam is very general on most methods. If you take the refresher and learn the material you will pass.

The UT level III refresher will also prepare you for the exam. You may not score 100% but the math is the hardest part and the refresher will prepare you. Immersion is also a difficult part for most people so you have a leg up.


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