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Saudi Arabia, Joined Dec 2011, 23


Saudi Arabia,
Joined Dec 2011
09:14 Nov-24-2014
Depth of magnetic paricles

Up to wat extent we can reach by MPI
Based on which specification
We know that MPI can be possible only on fERRO MAGNETIC METERIALS
And if its changes with meterial what is the crieteria for that.

And can anybody upload thae chat for which meterials we can do MPI,UT,ET &PT like wise
mean for SS we cant perform MPI
CS we can do these methods
nikil we can do these like wise any charts for quick reference.

Circle Systems, Inc., USA, Joined Mar 2014, 5


Circle Systems, Inc.,
Joined Mar 2014
23:45 Nov-25-2014
Re: Depth of magnetic paricles
In Reply to jagan at 09:14 Nov-24-2014 (Opening).

Detection of subsurface discontinuities when performing MPI depends on the size and orientation of the discontinuity. FWDC or HWDC magnetizing waveforms should also be used as they penetrate into the material more effectively than AC. I have a part with notches from 0.01" to 0.05" deep with a width of .004" I use for sensitivity checks.


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