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NDT Inspector,
arta industry testing,
Joined Jan 2013
14:12 May-17-2015
UT for Inconel material

how can i to calibrate UT set for the CS to Inconel material without Inconel reference block.
I can use the T1/V1=T2/V2 formule for longitudinal wave and normal probe ,but how can i use it for shear wave and angle probe?
i want to test inconel pipe/thk :18 mm/8 in/butt weld

15:39 May-17-2015
Re: UT for Inconel material
In Reply to mohsen at 14:12 May-17-2015 (Opening).


If the welding electrode is Inconel or SS base,the weld is coarse grain and its need to special reference block and special probes(Longitudinal Angle Beam Probe to achieve high S/N ratio).
So you cant test it easily as carbon steel welds. I'm wondering how you are going to test it with out reference block?????
Check ASME sec 5, Art 4, T-451 and Non mandatory appendix M(General techniques for Angle Beam Longitudinal wave calibration)


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