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Consultant, - Manager
Patil NDT Institute, India, Joined Feb 2009, 8


Consultant, - Manager
Patil NDT Institute,
Joined Feb 2009
14:57 May-18-2015
ASNT Level 3 salaray

I saw add in ndt.net some companies fixed salary for level 3
INR 60000 then how to get work from technicians what those salary

PETROFAC INTERNATIONAL LLC, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Joined May 2015, 1


United Arab Emirates (UAE),
Joined May 2015
08:57 May-20-2015
Re: ASNT Level 3 salaray
In Reply to patil at 14:57 May-18-2015 (Opening).


Day by day the situation is getting worst in middle east for NDE jobs, specially the demand from client is to get properly certified and experienced personnel but other hand they are paying very less. But till companies are succeding to get the personnels in same salary that is strange, people are accepting low salary and joining for time being, but this kind of peoples are not staying long time, they are using this jobs just like steps and then jumping to next company even in very less increment in salary. I saw many of this guys. but till that time company is completing their project and their job is already done and both are in win win situation.


Product Spotlight

Cygnus 6+ PRO Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Cygnus 6+ PRO thickness gauge is the most advance gauge within the Cygnus range with key featu
res including: comprehensive data logging; A-scan and B-scan display; manual gain control; Bluetooth connectivity; and much more. With its unique dual display and three measuring modes (Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo), this surface thickness gauge offers maximum versatility for inspections.

FAAST-PA! OEM Patented phased Array for high speed UT inspection

Multiangle, Multifocus, Multifrequency, Multibeam. Instead of stacking UT electronics and having m
any PA probes, FAAST-PA is able to transmit all delay laws within ONE single shot in Real time.

NDT.net launches mobile-friendly design

NDT.net has revamped its website providing a mobile-friendly design.The front page received a comp
letely new design and all other sections are now reacting responsively on mobile devices. This has been a major step to make our website more user- friendly.

FD800 Bench Top Flaw Detectors

The bench-top FD800 flaw detector range combines state-of-the-art flaw detection with advanced mater
ial thickness capabilities. Designed for use in the laboratory these gauges are the tool you need for all your flaw detecting needs.

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