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Mandla Ntswahlana
Mandla Ntswahlana
12:10 Jan-04-2016
Request NDT technicians pay rate

Request salary pay rate an hour of the following Ndt technicians

1. Senior Ndt level 2 technician with MT-Level 2, PT-level 2, RT-level 2, UT-level 2, Qualified as a UT Level 2 in pates (2.3) & pipes (2.4). Certification in nozzle weld (2.5) and T-pieces (2.6)
2. Ndt level 2 tech (MT, PT, WT)
3. NDT coordinator level2 in (MT, PT, WT, RT, UT)
4. Wall thickness/Hardness technicians
5. RT technician level 2 in (MT, PT)
6. WT/HT Coordinator
7. RT interpreters
8. Surface Tech level in (MT, PT)
9. RT level 1 Technician
10. RT level 2 technician
11. NDT level 2 technician in (MT, PT, RT)
12. NDT level 2 technician in (MT, PT, UT)
13. Assistant Darkroom, film runner
14. NDT assistant
15. NDT Level 3 Instructor/specialist with UT-level3, RT-level3, PT-level3,MT-level3
16. Radiation Safety officer
17. Assistant Radiation safety officer

ps I urgently need the info

Ed Ginzel
R & D, -
Materials Research Institute, Canada, Joined Nov 1998, 1286

Ed Ginzel

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
15:33 Jan-04-2016
Re: Request NDT technicians pay rate
In Reply to Mandla Ntswahlana at 12:10 Jan-04-2016 (Opening).

Mandla, you do not specify the country these people will be expected to work in. You do not specify the certification method (SNT, ISO, etc.). No mention it being unionised or non-unionised workers required. Some of the positions do not seem to be NDT related (e.g. welding and heat treat?? WT/HT coordinator?).
Perhaps you are tasked with quoting a project without any knowledge of the local details. In that case, it might be prudent to go to the local NDT society to get a better understanding of the remuneration expectations (and availability of personnel). There can be an order of magnitude in pay rates for the same work, depending on where you are on the planet.

South Africa, Joined Jan 2016, 1


South Africa,
Joined Jan 2016
20:01 Jan-21-2016
Re: Request NDT technicians pay rate
In Reply to Mandla Ntswahlana at 12:10 Jan-04-2016 (Opening).

They will be working in South Africa


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